Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Funtastic 4th of July weekend

I'm thrilled to report that I had another funtastic weekend, this time at home, which was a great follow up to last weekend's blogger extravaganza

Every year I go home to Wisconsin for 4th of July but this year was extra special because it was also my dad's 60th birthday. 

But before the birthday celebration today, dad and I still made time to head out to the neighborhood I grew up in for the annual 4th of July parade on Friday. And let me tell you, this parade is huge. People are very serious and territorial about marking spots for the parade and people will be packed in five rows deep to get their parade on. And of course when this happens, there is fun people watching in abundance. People in Wisconsin definitely love their 4th of July parades. Happy Birthday America.

Wisconsin parade fashion

The only downside is that the neighborhood parade starts at 9 a.m., which means we have to leave at 8:20 a.m. to make it over to the other side of town, park and get to a spot in time. Every year, my wake-up call for the parade goes the same way around 7:45 a.m.:

Dad (bangs on the door): Jess, it's time to get up 
Me (sleepily): Five minutes please
Dad (five minutes later - bangs on the door again): I'm serious Jess we have to get going
Me: Getting up now *actually still lying in bed*
Dad (impatient): NOW Jess, come on
Me (angry): FINE I'm getting up! Get off my back

Don't worry, we're talking again by the time we're sitting at the parade, me unshowered and with zero make up on outside of SPF.

Well this year the weather was amazing here so there was an even larger crowd than usual at the parade and below are some photos that I thought you might all enjoy, including kazoos bands and camels, yes that's right, camels.

The famous local kazoo band

New addition this year: a camel

The only thing missing this time was a float from the Nature's Outpost store, which last year threw plums instead of candy into the crowd. It was a nice change of pace, until we realized the kids on the float were throwing the plums like baseballs. I had to duck and hide from one, to which my dad replied, "hey can you stop hiding and go get that plum over there, I love plums." Keeping me safe, that's what dads are for.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, today is my dad's 60th birthday. I know he doesn't read this blog (thank god) but I still want to wish him a very happy birthday. I love you dad.

Also, please no judgement on this picture, it was taken after baking in the sun for three hours.

His gift this year is the iPhone (hey 60 is a big birthday) but I also made him a video on Lulu's iPhoto program to the following song from Loudon Wainright. Seriously, I cried while making it because the song fit so perfectly. Good daughter = me.


Maxie said...

YAY camels! That's awesomeness.

I was in a parade this weekend, but it was of a much smaller variety. Maybe 50 entries. I basically rode for a mile and pelted children w/ candy.

Tipp said...

Wisconsin fashion attire looks like TN fashion too. hilarious.

EP said...

Oh, those look like some fashions I saw at the beach this weekend. It looks like fun!

Happy birthday to your dad!

Mandy said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! And I am thoroughly impressed by the fact that there were camels in the parade.

classy & fabulous said...

yay for WI parades!!!

and u got ur dad an iphone!?!? u know, my bday is coming up september... :)

sandy said...

Ah, that sounds like so much fun! Glad you had a good 4th of July =) (& the bday gift was awesome too.. you are a good daughter!)

Marianne said...

Happy Bday to your dad - that song is wonderful - so sweet you did that for him.

Alexa said...

i love that you included such a fabulous outfit in your post! i love those.

also, you are such a good daughter!

Rachel said...

Your parade is much better then my Lilac day parade! Kazoo band? Total awesomeness! Happy b-day to your dad!

Jenn said...

Omg a kazoo band?! That is beyond awesome :) I'm glad you had a great weekend! Hope your dad was surprised :)

LJ said...

Oh my gosh I'm going totally have to check out this parade next year! Camels thats freaking awesome!

Melissa said...

A camel? Lol!

Anonymous said...

a CAMEL?! WHAT?! hahaha

Cass said...

Did they have the belly whistler guys? Those were always my favorite!

Katherine said...

So the picture of you and your dad made me tear up - what an awesome weekend! Did he LOVE the phone? Also, that camel puts my hometown parade to serious shame. What fun! :)

Angela said...

Hahaha, my dad would have NO IDEA how to use the iPhone. He's look at it and throw it on the ground in frustration, lol!

surviving myself said...

That star-spangled outfit is hot!

The Modern Gal said...

I love that the trim on those parade shorts is pink. Very patriotic.

thatShortChick said...

the camel's contribution to patriotism was what? LOL.

also, what an amazing daughter you are! ! !

L Sass said...

That parade looks awesome! You are a great daughter and your dad seems to be a great dad!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That parade makes me wish I lived in Wisconsin - there is nothing like that here. At least not that I know of!

Veronica said...

aww! my dad would LOVE an iPhone. but he's still got a few years til 60. =P

sounds like you had better Fourth of July than me! um, not that that was hard to do...but still. glad you had fun! =)

Anonymous said...

LoL, love that pic of the person wearing the american flag...haha

Bayjb said...

Maxie, Mandy, LJ, Melissa, Deutlich - Yes the camel definitely caught my attention. I even called my brother who was sitting further down the route to give him a heads up so he didn't miss it.

Tipp - Sadly I think that partriotic fashion is nationwide. But makes for good people watching.

EP, Jenn, - Thanks for your birthday wishes, I will pass them along!

Cass - I have not seen the belly whistlers, maybe they didn't make it to my WI parade. Darn!

Katherine - Aww you're going to make me tear! Yes it's scary how much we look alike

Classy, Marianne - Ha! I'll keep your birthday in mind for gifts, but seriously he only got the iPhone because he's 60, wanted to give him something memorable

Sandy, Alexa, LSass - Thanks! I am a good daughter, or at least try to be :) He's a good dad and is very good to me so I try to be as good of a daughter as I can be ;)

Rachel - Yes our parade usually has something exciting and the kazoo band never disappoints

Angela - Yeah he gets frustrated with it but I try to keep him focused. He has zero tolerance

Surviving Myself - Yeah the shirt is hot. Watching her pick a wedgie in it was hotter

Modern Gal - Yeah the pink trim really pulled the outfit together. Yellow would have been a good back up color

Thatshortchick - I have zero idea how a camel is patriotic but it's sure fun!

MegKathleen - you're welcome at the parade any time. We are always welcoming

Veronica - yeah your 4th was tough but it'll be better next year :) My dad was older when he had me but he's still hip

JesslovesNYC - The American flag top was awesome. The flag pants on the guy next to her were even better!

Kayleigh said...

Every year at DePaul we would have a camel in our quad for an inexplicable amount of time. I was always afraid to go for a ride. I admire Wisconsin's new fangled parade accessory- camels make everything more entertaining. And the Wisconsin fashion parade? Priceless.