Monday, July 27, 2009

Everyday Adventures is moving!

Say what?

That's right, I promised in my vlog that some big things were coming up and that sh*t is going down NOW.

Starting today, Everyday Adventures has packed its bags for a new home, including a new URL (custom domain!), new blogging platform (Wordpress!) and just overall more awesomeness.

Go and check it out!

I know it sucks, but your feeds will need to be updated too, but I promise to make out with you if you move with me :) Isn't that enough of a reason to do it?

Note: RSS subscribers, just hit "refresh" in your Reader and it should update. Yes, I'm working on the partial feed issue too. For non-RSS readers, just copy/paste the new URL into your Reader's subscription box and it'll pop up!

If you have any problems with your feeds, e-mail me at:

It's super awesome.

Go, go, go, go go!!!


Heidi Renée said...

I'm always way envious when other bloggers make the switch to a personalized URL. Congrats. :)

Fabulously Broke said...


@Heidi Renee you can have blogger host it without making a switch into another platform, etc..

A personalized URl is just buying the domain name

Andhari said...

Awesomeness, everyone is moving to wordpress and I sooooo wanna move my blog to wordpress. Its just sooo complicated to do so by myself though :p