Thursday, April 23, 2009

Looking forward to spring

The rumor is that Chicago is going to have summer-like weather this weekend so to get me in the spring frame of mind, I'm putting out my list of spring pros and cons.

Spring pros:
  • Cotton jackets
  • Sandals, flip flops!
  • Regular pedicures
  • Skirts/dresses
  • Street festivals
  • Baseball (except when the Cubs traffic makes my commute home miserable)
  • Barbecue
  • Fireworks (watching them over the lake is amazing)
  • Evening strolls
  • Bobtail ice cream
Spring cons:
  • Massive heat - I know, you can't win
  • Humidity - Fro' hair, here I come!
  • Having to shave my legs regularly - Goodbye shaving every two weeks
  • Mosquitos
I have also officially transitioned my closet to spring. Goodbye winter sweaters and boots and hello gauzy tops and camis. Yes, I've transitioned my closet but I still don't know what to wear for nice weather!

Lately, I'm obsessed with summer dresses. I love wearing skirts and dresses because I hate wearing shorts/pants when it's warm out. I love the feeling of my legs being liberated, minus watching the wind do I don't let everyone see my underwear (it's happened).

Here are some of my new spring clothes that I'm obsessed with:
  • Light, button down tops (example from the Gap) - Work-appropriate without being stuffy or too formal
Does anyone else have trouble dressing for spring weather? What are your spring pros/cons? Or what are you the most excited to wear now that it's getting warm outside? 

Reader note: Thank you everyone for the great comments on your "type" of guy. It was a dead heat between All-American guys/bad boys, with the bad boys just squeaking out as the most popular ;)


Candi said...

Love your list! I'm sorry you have to deal with humidity. I guess I will have to cross living in Chicago off my list....since I have perma fro already!

Mandy said...

I love flip flops and pedicures. I am in desperate need of one too. I tend to still wear pants and sweaters in the summer because my office building is like the inside of a freezer, its not summer attire appropriate. I HATE the humidity as well -- try this;jsessionid=ZVJV34PHRHACQCV0KQRQIGQ?id=P231302&categoryId=C20510

It came in the Beauty Bash bag and its one of my new favorite things.

Maki said...

Aw definitely the flip flops!! I also love jersey dress for spring and summer - I love it!!! Enjoy your spring weather :)

Anonymous said...

It was 100 here the other day!

LBluca77 said...

Dresses and flip flops make me happy in spring and summer. But what I really love in the warm months is walking on my wood floor bare foot. It just feels good. Like my feet are experiencing freedom.

Living Dees Life said...

i'm going to see if i can get away with the open toed not heavy shoes tomorrow... the golf course opened and usually that's when we can start wearing springy stuff and not have to dress so stuffy! :)

...hmmm, maybe i'll wear a skirt for once!! bah hum that means i'm gonna have ta shave!! *NOOOOOOOO*

shave or wear pants?? shave or wear bulky shoes?? damnit spring!

LWLH said...

I can't for for block parties and street festivals :)

NYStateBeauty said...

My Spring Con's are definitely the sandals (because I get to finally show off my pedicures again) and the beginning of Sun Dresses! Love them!!

SA said...

What is bobtail ice cream?

I hate spring/summer mostly for one reason-my allergies. They seriously kick my butt and it just sucks. Plus bugs and insects come back out and I kinda hate them.

bianca said...

I miss spring in Chicago. It's my favorite least until the humidity hits and my hair hates me.

Susan said...

I love your list! Boston is going to be beautiful this weekend too. I gave myself a mani/pedi in anticipation, but it turned out to be a disaster. Still looking forward to the weather though :)

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

The worst thing about spring is the mornings are so cold while the afternoons are so hot. You just can't win with what to wear!

Erin said...

Dressing this time of year is such a chore. By this time I hate everything I own and putting together an outfit is torture.

jenniferalaine said...

Haha I clearly am already on the Banana Republic shirt... Have it in white :)

P.S. I'm coming home for the summer on May 27... Shopping timmmeee.

jenn said...

almost nothing on earth beats spring in chicago (that is, until it becomes unbearably hot and humid in july). enjoy it! :)

Aliya said...

I couldn't agree with you more on... well, EVERYTHING on that list! :)

thatShortchick said...

yeah, the shaving thing is definetly a CON. and what makes it even worse is that it seems as if hair grows 2x faster in the warmer months, making the shaving that much more frequent.

but the CLOTHES!!! My most favorite pro of the warmer months. I'm like you, I rarely do pants/shorts during the summer so I love and live in dresses and skirts.

Unknown said...

I literally wore a sundress every. single. day. of our honeymoon. Every. Day. I love them. Love.

Elle said...

Oooh, those J.Crew dresses are SO cute. Thanks for sharing!

Katelin said...

i was wearing shorts and a tank top last weekend and now i'm back in jeans and a sweater. this weather is driving me nuts and i am ready for some serious springness. woo.

Pam said...

Oh man, I love Bobtail. I wanted to go there tonight, but I was dragged to Windy City Treats instead. I It was good, but definitely not the same.

And yes, I have a really, really difficult time picking out clothes. I think the problem is that there is such a temperature difference between the morning and the afternoon and if you're standing in the sun and shade. I mean those are obvious issues, but still. Jacket or no jacket? Sandals or flats? Jeans or capris or a dress? Too many options. Not that I'm complaining, I love spring in Chicago.

The Modern Gal said...

I lived in my jersey dresses all last summer. They made the southern summer heat mostly bearable.