Sunday, May 10, 2009

Key learnings, Star Trek and pop culture commentary

Happy Sunday and Happy Mother's Day! Well, I've watched the Mother Lover video from last night's SNL far too many times and while it's inappropriate, I can't help but laugh. Let's just hope I don't sing it out loud at work tomorrow.

So let's hit the key learnings before I am moved to sing out loud again.

Key Learnings:
  • Yes, you can be buzzed after only two beers (it's called "that time of the month" + low tolerance. Works every time)
  • Going out on Friday night gets to be more difficult at the end of a long week
  • Try to be subtle when asking if your friend is dating a guy you think is cute
  • Boobs are fun to look at, but not if you're a woman out at the bar. I didn't order a side of boob with my beer
  • It's always "beer-thirty" time somewhere
  • Kate Gosselin is a cold-hearted b*tch, but damn those kids are cute
  • I do not believe for a second that Kirstie Alley gained all that weight from butter
  • It's easy to mishear the word "hair straightener" for "strainer." That or I'm going deaf
  • Going shopping with friends is a must so you can get a verdict on clothing choices (it is the most honest opinion)
  • No matter how many times I do it, eyebrow waxing always hurts. And it never helps when your "girl" tells you it's going to hurt more because you waited too long between visits
  • Renter's insurance is a MUST HAVE. Two friends recently shared stories of either being robbed or knowing someone who was robbed, both without renter's insurance. If you don't have it, don't wait!!
Star Trek: The New Generation in Hotness
Oh yes, this weekend my buddy TC and I boldly went where few women have gone before...voluntarily to the new Star Trek movie. And it was ab fab! I even teared up once (I'm a sap).

Yes, we packed into a crowded afternoon showing of the movie and began to watch the Trekkies stream in, while each eyeing which male moviegoer that could become future Mr. Jess and Mr. TC.

One guy's shirt identified him as a "future astronaut" (promising!) while another man had a shirt that said "beam me up Scottie" (ambiguously cosmopolitan!). 

So while I'm a huge JJ Abrahms fan (loved Felicity and Alias, and of course, LOST), I won't lie, I mostly went for the eye candy.

Trust me, the USS "Hottie" Enterprise can beam me up any day. I'm ready now! Let me just grab my purse.

I just didn't like that Chris Pine was beat up so much. Hit him below the neck! That's valuable merchandise up there! Oh let's be honest, watching him get ruffed up was hot. And Zachary Quinto had a certain...hidden preppy charm. Talk Vulcan to me baby. I'm listening.

I have nothing to contribute to Star Trek history, storylines or Romulan genealogy, but let me just say this, I like watching attractive men do battle on the screen, so bring it on! Oh and Winona Ryder, I missed you!

How was everyone else's weekend? Did you do anything fun for Mother's Day? Or did you see any good movies this weekend to recommend?


Erin said...

Gah. I hate Kate Gosselin. I can just feel my blood pressure rising every time she opens her mouth.

I'm hoping to go see Star Trek next weekend. I'm glad I'm not the only girl who wanted to go!

TC said...

OMG you were right - mother lover WAS the most hilarious thing ever!! JT and andy samberg acting like complete jackasses w/ susan sarandon and patricia clarkson - priceless!!!

also, you can have new spock but hands off capt. "hottie" kirk - he's all mine to rough up ;)

LBluca77 said...

Renter's insurance is for sure a must have. It is not even expensive but so worth it.

Sometimes hearing Kate Gosselin's voice makes my ears hurt. She is just crazy but those kids really are cute.

Blaez said...

we went to the zoo and hung out at home. perfect weekend :)

EP said...

It sounds like you have had a lovely weekend! I know how you feel about a low tolerance to alcohol. Ever since I moved in by myself, I drink far less. (Which is probably a good thing.) But whenever I do want to go grab a few drinks with friends after work, we have to carpool because I won't be able to drink after a few. So sad.

Mandy said...

Kate Gosselin drives me crazy. I cannot stand to hear her talk.

I spent all day yesterday with one of my best friends, then today with my mom. It was great.

Pam said...

I don't like how rude Kate Gosselin can be, but this whole affair thing makes me so sad for her and the family. I love those kids.

This weekend my boyfriend came down from Milwaukee and we celebrated his birthday. Today I went up to the 'burbs to spend the day with my Mom and was a blast and a great little escape from the city.

I was afraid to admit it, but I do kind of want to see Star Trek. Oh and I totally had "Motherlover" stuck in my head earlier. I love when JT hosts SNL.

Jersey said...

Mother Lover = Hilarious. JTim should be on SNL every week. Its always the best when he's there.

I contemplated going to see Star Trek today all by my lonesome. Maybe I'll pick up a Trekkie boyfriend who's impressed I'm sitting there alone...

And Zachary Quinto totally rocks those ears, right?

Maki said...

Kate was in my town a few weeks ago for book signing and only thing I've heard was that she is a true bitch. This girl didn't have the money to buy the book, but wanted a autograph, Kate rolled her eyes and asked another person in line. I swear to God, it's true! I'm so disappointed in her.

Also, JT is Star Trek fan and he's so excited about the film (I'm kind of embarassed to even say that he's a fan) - but you know I'm kind of digging it too. LOL.

Glad to hear that you had a fun weekend!!

Andhari said...

Seriously my hear tswells seeing Chris Pine and Zavhary quinto together, yummm.

I like that time of the month buzz, cheaper for the wallet too lol

SA said...

So you're saying even those of us who have never seen one episode of any of the Star Trek series (what can I say? Not a big scifi person) would enjoy the movie? If so I'm there.

I had no idea who Kate Gosselin was until I just googled her. Sometimes it's good not to be up on pop culture.

Lil' Woman said...

LMFAO...that "Motherlover" video was effin hilarious! : )
And Kate..don't get me started, her viouce is like nails on a chalkboard!!!

Kyla Roma said...

So glad you gave Star Trek the thumbs up!! Talk Vulcan to me indeed! =)

Ray said...

I LOVED LOVED LOVED Star Trek. I though it was just fabulous.

Birdie said...

Pigeons just love Trekkies

Jules said...

I just found your blog and love it! Mother Lover was hysterical and I love when JT hosts SNL. Star Trek is on my list for next weekend. We saw Wolverine this past weekend and it was really good and filled with really hot men! My hubby just rolled his eyes at me :)

RebeccaC said...

Thank you for mentioning the "other" random in Star Trek...Winona Ryder? Where did you come from? Was this a package deal with Tyler Perry or what? Were they in need of people with a Y in the middle of their first or last name? What is going on.

I'll take me a nice big helping of Chris Pine. And actually, lets add a heaping side order of whoever played his dad for 12 minutes.

The Modern Gal said...

Ugh, I was hungover last Tuesday after having two drinks on Monday. I just don't drink 'em like I used to.

I loved Star Trek! Zachary Quinto definitely found away to make Spock cute.

And JT on SNL was f'ing awesome.

Jenn said...

i'm obsessed with the mother lovers video!! the tune is so catchy - damn them! :) and i totally agree about kirstie alley. that must have been SOME kinda butter to put all that weight back on!

Jenn said...

I love your Star Trek write-up! You crack me up :)

Jaime @ Fast Times said...

I saw Star Trek and loved it. :D

Katelin said...

i saw wolverine this weekend and that was some man candy hotness for sure. i may eventually have to see star trek too just for that same reason, but i'll tell matt it's for the action, haha.

Cheryl said...

Getting my eyebrows waxed makes me want to pee. I don't know why. I always end up going to bathroom in between eyebrows, and to get from the room to the bathroom is this long long corridor, and you have to go past the main door, and people just stare at you like what the hell is wrong with your face.

.... This sort of makes me sound like I wait until I have Busy, Chewbacca eyebrows. I don't. I swear.

PomJob said...

Motherlover is going to be a classic, I think.

I had a very interesting Mother's Day lunch. The family behind us at the restaurant came to came thisclose to throwing punches in the restaurant. I think it was a brother and sister that started screaming at each other and moved in for the kill. Unfortunately, they scared my nearly 90-year old great-grandmother and she started crying. Oh, and the 3-month old and 3-week old babies were in the line of fire, too. They didn't even bother to apologize to us before they were kicked out.

chicago office space said...

I still need to catch this flick.

Tyler Judd said...

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