Sunday, May 3, 2009

Key learnings, reality show filming and trekking for food

Happy Sunday! It was a great weather weekend in Chicago, mostly because the sun was out and not drop of rain. I even pulled out all the new spring clothes so I can start wearing them ASAP.

So while I'm mentally delaying the start of another week, let's hit the key learnings.

Key Learnings:
  • I hate the sound of car horns honking. HATE it
  • The two of the most distinctive sounds are: glass shattering and someone's car being hit (people sure don't like that)
  • Netflix needs to start sending me happier movies. My latest selections: The Reader, The Wrestler, Rachel Getting Married and Doubt. Geez
  • Mussels and fried eggs are my new favorite foods, along with gnocchi
  • A beer headache is not a good way to start a Friday, especially when you have work to do
  • Adjusting yourself in public is never appropriate or appreciated by women
  • I am obsessed with taking pictures of flowers
  • E! producers are serious when they say "no flash photography"
  • Muffin tops are out in full force and show no signs of stopping
  • Even on a summer-like day, someone will always be outside wearing a down jacket
  • I am SO tired of hearing about Swine Flu
  • I really like having a Blackberry, which means, I can never go back to life without one
Reality Show Taping
Today I went to the gym and was greeted with a large "NOTICE" sign on the front door. 
Swine flu? No, turns out E! was there filming Bill and Giuliana Rancic's new reality show. And the notice was to tell us that by entering the premise, we consented to possibly being filmed. So despite my mismatched outfit, glasses and unwashed hair, I walked in and did my workout, sneaking away to watch some of the filming.

I even took a few photos of the filming (Mission Impossible-style) before I was caught and asked to stop by a swarm of not-so-happy producers. Dude, I'm a blogger, you can't stop me!!

Oh yeah and Saturday night I went to The Publican, rated by Chicago Magazine and TimeOut Chicago as the best new restaurant. And it was a decadence of pork and meat. Sarah and I trekked down to the West Loop to meet Ray for a lovely night out. And somewhere between the chef's selection of three hams, farm roasted chicken, frites with fried egg, and lemon and chocolate gelato, I died and went to heaven. My parents even gave me the third-degree about my dining experience, which means a return trip with them could be in my future. Plus, when you see a restaurant sign with pigs on it, you know it'll be good!

How was everyone else's weekend? Do anything fun? I hope the weather was as nice by you as it was here! We have so earned it!

Reader note: I really enjoyed everyone's comments on the "petite" post from Thursday. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only petite person out there that feels bittersweet about my height. Everyone was great to share their thoughts on this and I very much enjoyed them :)


Angela said...

After my car debacle last summer, every time I hear a car getting hit, I freak out for a minute and think about my own!

Jenn said...

that's so funny about the muffin tops - you are so right. they are everywhere!! :)

Blaez said...

its so cool you got to see a filming! my coworkers that live in the city and trek to the burbs to work always have stories about seeing filming somewhere.

glass breaking is always scary and i also so sick of the swine flu.

Maki said...

Oh I hate car horn honking too!! It jumps me every time I hear it thinking I did something terrible!!!

My week and weekend was super busy and I am totally beat..

BTW, the weather in Chicago looks like getting warmer and warmer!! Your pretty spring dresses must be ready for you!

Mandy said...

You are such a dedicated blogger! Way to get a few pics, you need a badge that looks like the old press badges that say says BLOGGER. =)

Your weekend sounds great. I am glad that you all finally had some nice weather!

Anonymous said...

You should live in Texas if you are tired of the Swine Flu! The school district here shut down all 68 schools for the week. My son is just in preschool but they follow the school schedule so they are shut down too. So, nice long week for us! The weather is supposed to be nice though. I'll take that.

Andhari said...

Mission Impossible!! How dare he didn't let you, we really need to see something grilling in the making :p spring dresses, love them!

Lil' Woman said...

That's cool you got to see it getting filmed and you went 007 style for us bloggy friends..
were they actually working out?!?

Ray said...

Those fries were unreal. I have been dreaming about them ever since.

Thanks for inviting me, I had a great time!

lbs said...

So funny...we went to the Publican a few weeks ago and I had the opposite experience. If you paid me $10,000 I wouldn't go back I hated the food and service and vallet so much. Glad to hear you had a better experience, maybe I'll give it another try sometime!

SoMi's Nilsa said...

At least your gym just warned you that filming was going on. A previous gym of mine went so far as to allow a pilot to film in their lobby. They told members when we could and could not enter the lobby as well as when we could and could not talk. I'm sorry, I'm a paying member and you're telling me to do what? I don't think so. You better believe I had very harsh words for management.

Rebekah said...

Wait, what is G's new show?

Am so excited for the new stuff to start... JoelMcHale may be getting a sitcom, yay for the E! kids!

Just Moi said...

You think a beer headache is not the right way to start a day.. try a wine headache.. Yeek.. impossible! lol

Katelin said...

i love your mission impossible style pics, haha. you're a natural born paparazzi :)

thatShortChick said...

i really don't understand nor see the interest in a Giuliana&Bill reality show?!