Thursday, June 18, 2009

A healthy list of celebrity crushes

I like guys and read a healthy amount of celebrity magazines, so it's only natural that I have a long list of celebrity crushes. Some I'm very open about *cough John Krasinski cough* and some I need to put out there more. I can't let John think I'm just sitting around waiting for me.

(Note to John Krasinski: I'm totally ready to run off and marry you at any second. I just need to grab my purse. Call me)

So rather than focus on some recent family health issues, here is a list of my biggest celeb guy/girl crushes. Oh and for any man I date, it is totally okay for me to sleep with any of these guys. Consider it my "get out of jail free" card :)

John Krasinski
It can't be a huge shock that my uterus wants to give him LOTS of babies

Jon Hamm
Why yes Mr. Draper, I can come in your office to take a memo :)

Chris Pine
Beam me up Kirk! Rawr!

George Clooney
I just really want to say I slept with George Clooney. Timeless, just like Chanel

Ryan Reynolds
Boyish good looks in a chiseled man's body. Yes please!

Hugh Jackman
He can sing and dance. And likes women. Triple threat

If you notice, all of my guys picks are clean-cut, All-American guys. That shouldn't surprise anyone if you know me. I like 'em that way.

And now for the ladies....

Angelina Jolie
Gorgeous. Hands down. And her partner is really hot too

Isla Fisher
Love her hair. I wish my hair was that gorgeous

Leighton Meester
Preppy perfect and slept with Chuck Bass. Win, win

Reese Witherspoon
I love her look, style and man. I can't help that

Who are your celebrity crushes? Guy and girl choices can be shared.

Or does anyone have any big weekend plans?


Auburn Kat said...

I'm with you on all of them except for Angelina....there just is something about her I don't like.

I can't wait to see Ryan Reynolds new movie! YUM

Ana from far away! said...

I think it's great you did this list instead on focusing on family problems. Hugh Jackman is HOT HOT! he looks so cool and sexy! and that accent... oh lord!

LBluca77 said...

Jon Hamm, Hubba Hubba!! He looks so good in a suit. Isla is beautiful. She makes me wish I was a redhead.

luckygirl said...

i have a lot of celeb crushes! my number 1 is adrien brody which i know is not the most typical pick but i dig his style...super cute in brothers bloom. james franco and anthony kiedis are also up there.

glad you acknowledged the girl crush :)

Stevie said...

I'm totally with you on all of those. Where has Chris Pine been all my life?! And I have a massive girl crush on Gwen Stefani.

Anonymous said...

So many good crushes... especially Chris Pine and Ryan Rehnolds.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

i don't get the whole chris pine thing. he was GREAT in star trek but he dated audrina!!

can't get passed that. ha.

Blaez said...

i have 4 words for you:

Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie

put me on a deserted island with just them and a bunch of rum and you'll have one happy Jenny...

rum is optional i'd be happy either way!! i love Johnny and Angelina!!

Marie said...

I 2nd John Krasinski! I tend to have crushes on the specific characters that they play in movies or on TV... for example, I would have Jim Halpert's babies in a heartbeat and am head over heels in love with Noah Calhoun (Ryan Gosling) from the Notebook.

Pam said...

You just listed almost everyone that I like. There is only one missing. Johnny Depp *swoon*. I don't care how old he is, I love him!!

Jenn said...

love your choices! i tend to also like the bad boy look though - david beckham, milo ventimiglia...yum.

and for girls - megan fox. ohhh megan fox.

Anonymous said...

wait a minute, hugh jackman isn't all american...he's australian! but i'm not complaining, it just makes him all the more enduring. chris pine YES PLEASE!

also, i've had a serious girl-crush on angelina jolie for pretty much as long as i can remember. i'm glad i'm not the only one. (ps. threesome with brad pitt? me-OW!)

Erin said...

Really? Angelina Jolie? Sorry, but I hate her with the fire of a thousand suns. Blech.

Totally with you on the George Clooney though. Yum.

Deutlich said...

I would like to do very, very naughty things to Ryan Reynolds.


SoMi's Nilsa said...

I give both your lists a healthy thumbs up (though I never did get people's fascination with Hugh Jackman ... I know I'm in the minority).

Weekend plans = more recuperating. And maybe a rain rain go away dance if I'm feeling up to it.

Ali said...

Wow. I feel like you just jumped into MY celeb crush head or something! JOHN KRASINSKI IS AMAZING.

And Chris Pine and Ryan Reynolds are my runner ups (or is it runners up?). Small little celeb crush blogger world we live in!

Miss Grace said...

You left out Jon Stewart and Hugh Jackman.

Anonymous said...

Alex O'Laughlin from Moonlight (now a canceled show on CBS)

Daniel Sunjata from Rescue Me (FX show, he was on one sex & the city episode!)

The main character in Sons of Anarchy though I can't remember his name. He's hot.

Ben Affleck
Brad Pitt
Joaquin Phoenix (old school, not the new one who's all weird and funny looking)

Jenn said...

No wonder we're so awesome! We have the same crushes!!

Angela said...

My "get out of jail free" cards? Ryan Reynolds, Shia Labeouf, Jake Gyllenhaal, Harrison Ford, Bradley COoper, and Ryan Gosling. As for my girl? Christina Ricci.

Katelin said...

i totally agree with all of your crushes except leighton meester, just not a big fan. but i would totally add christian bale, keanu reeves and ryan gosling to the guy list. and sandra bullock and kate winslett to the ladies one. i'm so predictable, haha.

Lauren said...

Actual conversation last night:
Boy: Your guy is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly or something.
Me: You mean RyanReynold'sAbs (one word)
Boy: Well, yes, but him as well.
Me: No no, just his abs.
Boy: You want to have babies with him, don't you.
Me: ...maybe.

So, yes to Ryan Reynolds (and his abs). And also to my #1 love, Jake Gylenhaal. Swoon.

Moonjava said...

Chris Pine is yummy, and so is Ryan Reynolds abs! ;) I like Isla, not a fan of Jolie, and adore Reese! :)

thatShortChick said...

I completely agree with you and your 'Chanel' line about George Clooney.

I have been crushing hard on this football player Will Demps but I saw him on Good Morning America one day this week and he was SO gorgeous that it made me feel bad about myself.

A guy should not be lightyears more good looking than a girl. It's just wrong!

grace said...

Chris Pine = mine. hands off.

Mandy said...

I want to marry Hugh Jackman and have his babies.

ceecee said...

Giirrrrl, you just turned me on, lmao

John Krasinski?? Uh, yeah! He'll be on my list as well. He's so adorable. I married George Clooney in Las Vegas by the way ;-) Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman would also be on my list... *drools*

I have to get a hold of myself...And I've always said, if I were a lesbian, I'd date Angelina Jolie (or at least try to get with her...)

Shannalee said...

Just between us and the blogosphere, I totally wrote John Krasinski a fan letter declaring my love. Less than two years ago. Still adore him.

And Reese Witherspoon is totally my favorite female actress. Love her in everything.

EP said...

As I've commented before, I love John Krasinski. And most everyone else on your list. I also want Isla Fisher's hair. Let's figure out how to make that happen for both of us.

Elizabeth said...

Is it nasty that I like Robert Redford? I'm thinking mostly back to his Gatsby days...

Pam said...

Ooh love this post! My top five celebrity crushes all have J names. Kind of strange, huh? Jimmy Fallon (obvi), John Krasinski (so cute), Jake Gyllenhaal (I still cherish the hug we shared when I met him), Jonathan Rhys Meyers (love the Irish accent) and Justin Timberlake (so hot).

As for the girls, I love Reese Witherspoon. I kind of want to be her. Or at least have her as my best friend.

Andrea said...

I love Reese Witherspoon also. She's such a peach!
And I might be slightly jealous of Taylor Swift.

Ryan Reynolds? Oh yes!

Kate said...

Recently I have developed an enormous crush on Stephen Moyer, the guy who plays Bill on True Blood. Me-OW!

Anonymous said...

For me my celebrity crush is totally Reese Witherspoon. Reese is a down home sweet lady that's a relationship lady and one that you would want to take home to your mother and father. She seems like one that would be easy to get along with, fun, relaxed, calm and doesn’t have much fuss about her. She's also seems like she's not one of those celebrities that always out and about and always in the headlines. She's more of a relaxed homebody, casually likes to go out and that to me is so SEXY!! She totally wasn't a match with Ryan Phillipe even though she and Ryan have cute adorable kids. Ryan was obviously the party guy that always was out and looking for "fun times" when he needed to be home to be the father not the "still trying to be single when obviously he wasn't". Jake Gyllenhaal seems like a perfect match for her and I see myself a lot like Jake Gyllenhaal in the way that he seems like a calm, collected guy that likes to be chill, responsible, just hang out and a casual go outer kind of guy.