Thursday, April 30, 2009

The "joys" of being petite

I'm 5' 3", which means just about everyone is taller than me and the first comment I usually hear from people is, "geez you're short."

Thank you, I didn't know that. 

Please don't pat my head when you say that. I bite.

My petite frame makes high heels a painful necessity but makes my attraction to taller men stronger. There's something about taller guys I like...a lot.

A friend once asked if I would date a guy shorter than me and I replied, "is he even legal?" Most people shorter than me are under the age of 18 or haven't hit puberty yet. And to answer your question, yes he was shorter than me and he was my age. I just can't do that.

I'm also the shortest female in my family. My family genes mock me by giving my other family members the height gene, but I like to think I scored higher on the intelligence scale ;)

My parents comment that I'm little too. So I politely told my dad that since he helped make me, maybe he have talked to his sperm about making that height gene a little more dominant. Gross. I know. I makes me sick too after I said it. *shudder*

Sadly, I do wish I was a little bit taller for a few reasons:
  • I don't have to stand on a chair to reach just about everything
  • No more "petite" length pants or constant alterations
  • I can wear flats all the time!
  • I don't have to sit in down in the front of pictures with the kids
  • When I hug my tall friends, my arms will wrap around them above their waist (it looks creepy)
  • The "short" jokes/comments/jabs can end
But there is one thing I do like about being petite, when my dad says, "good things come in small packages," I can always reply, "yes I do!"

I remember from the high heels post that many of you commented that you're also petite or fortunate enough to be tall. What do you love or hate about your height. And no mean jokes please!

Reader note: Thank you everyone for the awesome feedback and comments about my second attempt at online dating. I will definitely keep everyone posted on my progress :)


phampants said...

I'm a guy and 5'7" and I'm frustrated how short I am. What's worse is that I'm the tallest person in my gene line. I wish was a few inches taller. It will be easier on any girl I date so they can wear heals. But more importantly, I can see things better and not being blocked.

Being short sucks

Arielle said...

You know, I don't really consider 5'3" to be that short. I'm 5'4" and a half and I think that's pretty average for women. I think 5 feet or below is pretty damn short, but you definitely fall within the normal realm! Though i agree, for some reason all pants seem to be made for women who are 5'8".

Mandy said...

I'm on the taller side and love it. I cannot walk in heels so I love me some flats. It sucks though because sometimes I have to duck when walking down some staircases and I have been known to forget this fact causing me to whack my head off the ceiling.

ANG* said...

okay maybe its cause i'm 3 inches shorter than you, but i NEVER noticed that you were "short." i actually thought you were prob like 5'5 or 5'6. maybe its those heels -- and i tend to stay away from them.

LBluca77 said...

I'm 5' 7" so for a girl that is somewhat tall and I love wearing heels, at least 4 inch ones. I would be lying if I said I didn't wish at times I was short. I also wish at times to be 5' 9".

I know it is noone fault what their height is but there is one thing that can get on my nerves. Example: I have a friend who is 5' 2" one night we went out and she wore flip flops and I had on 4 inch wedges. Yes I looked like a giant next to her, but what bugs me is that anyone that would see us would think the same thing, that I'm "giant" just cause I am tall and in heels. I ended up putting on flip flops. So please short girls put on heels occasionaly so we don't have to feel like giants.

Being able to reach things is a perk though. On that tall people have the short people beat, but hey if a short person falls down they have less of a distance to go.

Lindsey said...

I'm shorter than you and wear flats all the time! Embrace your height! Of course my husband isn't super tall (5'10") so I don't look ridiculous in flats next to him.

Blaez said...

once upon a time i was 5'5. i wouldn't date anyone under 5'9. yes, i have a pet peeve. i'm now under 5'4 (like not quite yet a quarter of an inch under but its going...) but i still wont wear heels!!

i like being shorter... i can be more unnoticable :)

Amanda said...

Let's trade shoes, okay? Hehe! I'm 5'10" and hate being so tall. I was probably your height until my junior year of COLLEGE and wham I had a late growth spurt.

It seems all my friends are shorter, so I'm always slouched over in pictures.

It's next to impossible to find a guy taller than me, or who doesn't have a complex that I am taller. So I'm constantly wearing flats (which aren't always the cutest).

I also have a 37" inseam, so it's awful to find pants long enough.

I guess we both suffer from the grass is greener syndrome! Haha.

Amanda said...

Let's trade shoes, okay? Hehe! I'm 5'10" and hate being so tall. I was probably your height until my junior year of COLLEGE and wham I had a late growth spurt.

It seems all my friends are shorter, so I'm always slouched over in pictures.

It's next to impossible to find a guy taller than me, or who doesn't have a complex that I am taller. So I'm constantly wearing flats (which aren't always the cutest).

I also have a 37" inseam, so it's awful to find pants long enough.

I guess we both suffer from the grass is greener syndrome! Haha.

SA said...

I'm 5'2" and I hate hate hate heels. Can't walk in them and they're so uncomfortable. So I don't. I wear flats or tennis/running shoes. And I'm okay with my height. With that said there are days I wish I could just have a few more inches.

As for men as long as they're taller than me I'm fine. And if that means a man that is 5'6" then okay. I'm good with that.

pinkjellybaby said...

Yeah, I'm 5'2" as well and sometimes it just sucks...I just look dunpy and that's not nice. Where we live, we have to walk everywhere so I'm mostly in flats, which I HATE because then I feel like a midget!

liferehab said...

I'm 5'2 and I love being short. The only times I hate it are when my boy and I go dancing. He's 6'5, so dancing is just a tad bit awkward for us. But other than that, I think being short is cute. Plus, we don't have to worry about guys being shorter than us, which is something I know a lot of tall girls complain about.

L.C.T. said...

I'm the total opposite but get such similar comments. At 6'1 people say, "Man you're tall" or ask if I play basketball. My usual response to the former is no, really?! I hadn't noticed...

SoMi's Nilsa said...

I don't necessarily think height determines whether you can or cannot wear flats/heels. It's all about how comfortable you are in your own skin. I'm 5'2 and usually wear flats to work. But, that's not to say I don't love wearing heels from time to time.

Worst thing is definitely general admission concerts, because I rarely see much more than a bunch of backs, shoulders and heads in front of me. Favorite thing about my height? That I can comfortably curl up on my sectional without having my feet hang over the edge.

laurwilk said...

Ugh. I've posted about this before. I'm 5'10" and while I'm typically happy to be that tall, it becomes a problem when Porter and I go out. It's not about how 'secure' I am; no girl would enjoy bending down to kiss her boyfriend. Porter's not real short - he's around 5'9. But when I put on heels, the height difference is extreme.

We really enjoy standing on stairs/riding escalators. He stands one step above me and suddenly the height is perfect! Haha. I enjoy being tall when single or when dating a tall man. But it does bother me a bit that Porter is shorter than me and I do wish I could wear heels without being 6'.

My little sister is 5'2" which means I have 8" on her! And my best friend is 4'10" so I'm a whole foot taller than she is! Needless to say, we don't get to share many clothes. (Which is the other bummer about being so tall - I'm stuck with my jeans and my jeans only!)

stealthnerd said...

5 foot. 1/2 inch.

All I can say is "I hear ya sister!"

Love, Fitness, Money, More said...

1. Totally jealous. I am not much taller (5' 5") but I always wish I was just a little shorter because what girl doesn't like to feel itty bitty sometimes (in the cute NOT helpless way of course)!

2. Come to the SF Bay area and suddenly you will be on the tall side of the spectrum. I love visiting Chicago because even I feel short there. Here I tend to feel like a giant! Must be the water...

3. I love your blog! :)

The Wife in Stilettos said...

i am not telling how petite i am, but i get you in so many levels.

i do wear flats, though. especially in causal fridays and city walks.

and as i've ranted/raved in my recent blogs, lemme tell you, finding a bike, for my height, was an achievement in itself!


thatShortChick said...

i'm 4'10 AND A HALF and proud of it!!! i love my height, except for the occassions when i'm in target or the grocery store and i cannot reach an item that has been placed on the very top shelf.

OR when i'm out shopping and a clothing store has decided to place all of the PETITE sizes at the VERY TOP of the shelves. um, HELLO?! can we say backwards?

but i'm always in flats, i prefer them over heels.

and i could write a book on the sheer number of short jokes i have been told throughout the years. everyone always thinks they are the first person to tell me said joke(s).

A Oh Dub said...

I'm 5'2" and a half and am constantly dragging my pants on the ground, being used as an arm rest and lamenting how no pants fit my tiny legs! But, at least we do have our pick of the guys. I'm with you on the shorter dudes, but it's way better to be a short chick than a tall one!

Lauren said...

I'm barely 5'2" so I feel your pain. At least airline seats seem more roomy!

Jenn said...

i'm 5'3" too and i've decided to stop fighting it and embrace it. i wear flats, don't always hem my pants, and have taken to calling myself "fun sized" instead of short. you should try it! :) plus, only short girls can rock 4 inch heels and not look like godzilla :)

Cali Girl said...

I like being tiny and petite but I DO NOT like being short. I like to say I'm average though since I hear 5'4 is where avergae starts but technically I am 5'3" and 3/4".

What is hard for me is... I am right in between when it comes to pant lengths. Too tall for "short" and too short for "regulars"...

It's sooo frustrated and jean shopping, well, any pant shopping is a nightmare!

MonkeyBusiness said...

I'm 5'5" and have always been perfectly pleased with my height. I am shorter than most guys (was a huge plus when I was dating, before I met Hubs).

But I have a couple friends that are 5'3" and I don't consider them short.

And whether I wear heels or flats depends on how dressy I want to look or how comfortable I want to be - never how short or tall I want to feel.

MonkeyBusiness said...

Oh and on the jeans-length thing - I would WAY rather get all my jeans tailored than to be too tall to be able to find jeans that are long enough and always wear highwaters! So I guess I look at it that way.

My sister is 5'8" w/super long legs and she has real trouble finding jeans that are long enough in regular stores (I know, boo hoo let's all cry for the blonde-haired, blue-eyed, uber skinny long-legged girl! hahaha) and doesn't have the dough to shell out for premium denim. So on her bday every year I used to always buy her a pair of sevens. But can't really do that so much anymore now that I have a mortgage!

Jess said...

I'm the tall freak in my family. But I love it!

Elle said...

I'm also 5'3" so I feel your pain. It sucks having to jump up or find a chair to reach things. Luckily, I love heels, but still envy those women who can wear flats at all times and NEVER look stubby.

I also have to agree with the love for tall men. Ideally, my guy is at least 5'11", preferably not taller than 6'3". But there are a ton of short guys out there, too. Totally throws me off - I mean, I'd hate to discriminate, but I don't have the confidence to be taller than my guy. Is that wrong to say?

sara said...

I am 5'3" and I wish I were about 3inches taller. I have always considered that the perfect height. I do hate having to get everything hemmed all the time. I am too tall for the "short" lengths and too short for the "regular" lengths. I like wearing some type of heel most of the time. My husband is 6'2" and I do like looking tiny next to him. I think it would be hard to be too tall because sometimes those girls look just really big unless they are model skinny.

Moonjava said...

I think I mentioned this before but I'm 5'1" and there are many times that I just hate it. The whole short pants deal and not being able to wear flats. I don't really wear heels either. I wear those clunky things that are at least somewhat comfortable to wear and keep my pants from touching the ground and getting all ratted out and everything.

The first thing I notice about guys are their height, gotta have them tall. ;) I think there's that subconscious thing going on where you don't want your children to be midgets. :) What I NEED is a good pair of heels, something that won't make me scream in pain/torture. ;)

C'est la vie though!

TudorCity Girl said...

It's funny, I am 5'7 and always wished I was more petite. My friends who are 5'3 and under wish they were taller.
What I hate about my height is I've met nice guys who are short but I'm taller than they are in heels and it makes me feel awkward and big so I pass nice guys up and go for the very tall guys, who all have turned out to be bad news!

Also, petites I feel have an easier time clothes shopping.

So be happy with're lucky. :)

erin - heart in ireland said...

i am 5'1 and i loooove it!

i love being able to wear heels whenever and that pretty much any guy is taller than i am. i've never really had a problem with being so short, it has come in handy sooo many times!

RebeccaC said...

All the negativity toward your body this week! Tsk tsk.
You've got a full two inches on me but I'm not complaining. I like being small. I like that people think my shoes must belong to a child. Heck, I've even gotten over the fact that all of my pants have to be hemmed.

And, believe don't need to be taller (or thinner or any of that) to attract a nice not-midget guy. Just be happy with and proud of who you are...because you're awesome. If you're insecure, men can sense that and they'll start wondering whats wrong with you. If you're confident, they'll be too stunned by your great smile, beautiful blue eyes and big boobs to even think about your height.
Let me know if you'd like that last sentence in a framed poster. ; )

Susan said...

I'm 5'0. I used to hate it, now I hate it less. I love heels, but I hate that they are more of a necessity than they should be. And I also don't like when people bring up my height with comments like, you're short- what do they want me to say?

I do like that I can sit cross legged in my chair at work comfortably.

Anonymous said...

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widget said...

just jumped onto following you on twitter. @widdgetgirl for me. (someone had taken the single d spelling...thank goodness I didn't have to go to five or six of them) hope the dating going well. Have to remind myself to get out there!

Andhari said...

Hey I'm the same height too, we can be pretty little packages together lmao

Paula said...

I'm also 5 foot 3. Sometimes I'm jealous of taller girls - I would LOVE to have longer legs - but I'm used to it now, I guess! I have given up wearing heels except for big occasions and don't think I look any worse for it - plus it is fairly rare (like you mentioned) for a guy to be smaller than me!

Chef Green said...

I'm a 6'3 gay guy. I generally enjoy being tall. I get that "tall dark and handsome" thing alot. That never gets old.

Some occasions that make me want to cut 12" of leg off: banging my head on things that are taller than most people, NEVER being able to find size 32w 34L jeans by good designers, ALWAYS being the tallest guy in the relationship, and occasionally poking my eye with that stupid fire supression thingie that hangs down over a chef's range. That kinda blows. Oh, and old ladies always asking me to "reach the shredded wheat" for them that is two shelves out of their grab.

~Serving up run-on sentences one plate at a time. Its a TALL order today!

Chef Green said...

I'm a 6'3 gay guy. I generally enjoy being tall. I get that "tall dark and handsome" thing alot. That never gets old.

Some occasions that make me want to cut 12" of leg off: banging my head on things that are taller than most people, NEVER being able to find size 32w 34L jeans by good designers, ALWAYS being the tallest guy in the relationship, and occasionally poking my eye with that stupid fire supression thingie that hangs down over a chef's range. That kinda blows. Oh, and old ladies always asking me to "reach the shredded wheat" for them that is two shelves out of their grab.

~Serving up run-on sentences one plate at a time. Its a TALL order today!

Mrs. MidAtlantic said...

I always thought I was short at 5'4"... until I met my sister-in-law who is 4'9"! She's 28!

Stuck Downstate said...

I'm 5 10.5". And clothes shopping on either end of the tall or petite spectrum is a nightmare! Most of my height is in my legs, so pants are pretty much impossible to find! I always said, "If I wasn't so tall, at lease I could get them hemmed." We're just not in the norm.
And I totally feel your comment on the taller friend photos. My two beset friends are about your height. All our pics together have their heads about at my boobs. I'm always the tall dorky one in the middle. But I'm handy for decorating trees & getting things off of shelves. I've always wanted to be petite for just a day to see what it was like...but I'd probably like to go back to being the tall clutzy dorky one. I'm used to that!

just me said...

I'm 5'2". You've officially met someone shorter.

I put nothing on my top shelves. No reason. Can never reach them.

elle michelle said...

We are petite and that is adorable.

Sure, I have to ask coworkers to reach the bowls in our freakishly high kitchen cabinets at the office, but I AM ADORABLE, DAMMIT. RIGHT!?

Just go with it.

Miss Grace said...

I LOVE tall guys. SHORTEST boyfriend was 6'2"

I'm 5'4"

mrpinstrypesuit said...

I'm a guy in my 20's, and I'm 5'0". My brother, who is just 4 years older then me is 6'6". People think I'm his son. Apart from weird things like that...I love my size! (Though finding shoes in-store to fit me is next to impossible.)

The shortest girl I've dated was 5'9", another was about 6', and the guys I've dated are 5'10" and about 6'2".

I love being able to curl up again someone without crushing them. :)

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Anonymous said...

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Miiya said...

name's Mia (short name for a short girl)
I'm 4'1 and i HATE being petite. constant alterations for pants, I don't have much in the way of boobs or bum and I don't like gaining weight...even a little weight gain and it all goes to my stomach. T^T also i get mistaken for 12 all the time and people have a tendency to pick me up and carry me off because they think i'm cute. ><

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