Thursday, June 5, 2008

100 (un)interesting things about me - brace yourself

On Monday Rachel decided to play hardball and tag me for a meme where I have to list 100 things about myself. To be honest, it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be and I came up with my 100 things pretty quick. Considering the week I've had so far, this could be a good thing. Shows the brain is still sharp.

This might be more information than you ever wanted to know about me but fortunately it’s not too much in the TMI category.

So without further ado, let’s pull the curtain back on my sick and twisted mind and see what I dug out. 

  1. My porn name is Kala 122
  2. In military time, I was born at 23:23
  3. I am not a cat person
  4. I want a dog
  5. I used to have blonde hair and red hair
  6. I’m jealous of my stepbrothers
  7. I want to wander around Europe aimlessly
  8. I slept on the floor of a train station in Germany once
  9. My first kiss was at 18
  10. First time I was drunk was at 19
  11. I went to Graceland on Spring Break in college
  12. I met Bill Clinton at a Disney Store in SF
  13. I’ve thrown up in a cab – twice
  14. I’ve been to a taping of Conan O’Brien, Letterman and the Daily Show in NY
  15. I got to see the Olympic torch run through Times Square
  16. I had my picture taken with Bucky Badger at a wedding
  17. I love college football
  18. I went to the U of Minn. but really wanted to go to Madison
  19. I have seen the Eiffel Tower
  20. I made out with a guy once after drinking a bottle of wine and forgot his name
  21. I’ve been carried home drunk my girlfriends twice
  22. I cannot play fooseball
  23. I love playing tennis
  24. My first real boyfriend was in college
  25. I’ve only been in love once
  26. My parents named me after I was delivered and they “looked at me”
  27. My middle name is Mary, so is my mom’s
  28. I’m horribly insecure
  29. I wore glasses until my senior year of high school
  30. I was in forensics in high school
  31. I never went to prom
  32. I had braces for 4 years
  33. I decided to lose weight after waking up drunk on my bathroom floor two years ago
  34. I tried to “smoke a bowl” a few times, unsuccessfully
  35. I met my first boyfriend at a debate event
  36. The first compliment I ever got was “you’re the most intelligent woman I know”
  37. I worry that if something happens to my dad, I’ll be alone
  38. I’m a homebody
  39. I want to get married
  40. I want to have kids (contrary to popular belief)
  41. I struggle with depression on and off
  42. I love television
  43. I’m cheap
  44. I fear ending up poor
  45. I love purses
  46. I used to look like a boy (before the boobs came in)
  47. I like naked time
  48. I tried internet dating but didn’t get any “bites”
  49. I dated a guy who “felt up” my house
  50. I dated another guy who worked with my dad (oops)
  51. I’ve made out with my girlfriends for money
  52. I tried to eat a guy’s Birkenstock once
  53. I stayed up until 6 a.m. to take the Madrid Metro back to my hotel
  54. I speak German and French
  55. I love to laugh
  56. I pierced my ears four times, thinking it would prove I'm a "rebel"
  57. I wish I would have met my late grandmothers
  58. I used to play clarinet and violin
  59. I was on the TODAY show
  60. I got in a catfight once on a double date
  61. I’ve been in a fist fight
  62. I love going to the movies
  63. I eat coffee cake in the dark
  64. I used to wear baggy clothes because I was embarrassed by my body
  65. I work out 3-4 days a week and I’m still not totally happy with my body
  66. I love to shop
  67. I want to run the Chicago marathon one day
  68. I don’t know if I believe in true love
  69. I’ve told several friends they’re making a mistake by dating certain guys
  70. I watched my friend get beaten by her boyfriend
  71. I used to wear L.A. Gear shoes
  72. The first movie I saw was E.T.
  73. The first concert I went to was Bon Jovi
  74. I have bent toes
  75. I love when someone mentions me on their blog (unless it’s negative)
  76. I crave acceptance by my peers
  77. I might actually be “dead inside”
  78. I hate inattentive parenting
  79. I hate being too hot in the summer
  80. I have bad circulation in my feet and hands
  81. I didn’t have hair until I was 2 years old
  82. My hair was white/blonde when I was a baby
  83. My first car was a Plymouth Lazer
  84. I loved my Honda Civic
  85. I love driving
  86. I hate flying
  87. Everyone calls me Jess
  88. As a kid, I fell off my sled and took off all the skin on one side of my face
  89. I read a lot of magazines, and have a lot delivered to my house
  90. I get a nervous eye tick when I’m stressed out
  91. I have had a root canal (it sucks)
  92. I weight train to work out my stress/anger
  93. I have anger management issues
  94. I wanted to be a doctor and a dancer on Solid Gold
  95. I have OCD, mildly
  96. I’m anal retentive and a perfectionist
  97. I want my blog to grow and grow and grow
  98. I like to iron clothes
  99. I compulsively check my purse for my house keys
  100. I like to have show fashion shows in my apartment 
Ta da!! I can't believe I did it, and I had to cut things from the list. Scary. I hope someone finds this amusing at least.

I haven't decided who will suffer this fate next, but trust, me I'll find you.

Damn it's hot in Chicago.


Tipp said...


This is my first comment with my new Macbook.
Feel special! I figured I owed you after all of the great help you gave me!!!

Rachel said...

See you didn't die from a brain hemorrhage. Really interesting stuff (ex you met Bill!, you were on the Today show!)

Ashley D said...

Fun!! It actually wasn't bad to read at all! :)

Toni-Marie said...

This is really interesting. I love finding out interesting random facts about people.

Anonymous said...


It was actually quite fun to read. I'm generally fascinated by other people and what they're like, so I don't mind reading lists like these.

Jenn said...

It really IS hot in Chicago! ::dies::

I want to run the Chicago Marathon some day too! Maybe we can be running buddies!

Ashley said...


Impressed! It WAS interesting. :)

Cass said...

9,26,80 and 81, me too!
oh, and 56 only I did it 6 times.
hee hee!

Anonymous said...

Good list! We have some stuff in common: My hair has been blonde and red, I speak German and French, I used to play the clarinet. =)

When I did my 100 things list, I could have kept on going! Hehe

RebeccaC said...

Hi JB...I know you were having a really stressful week this week -- I can see it in some of your notes here. Hang in there (and you don't need to worry about working out all the time look GREAT!).

Anonymous said...

Being fat and materialistic is not good. Check your employer's health plan and get some therapy.

Rachel said...

nope nope nope anonymous, you go find therapy, at least get enough help to be brave enough to leave your name.


sandy said...

You said you wanted your blog to grow and grow and grow- that can only happen with anonymous jerks! That's how you know you've made it ;).
I liked this list, and let me just say.. you've done SO MUCH!!

Your bro said...

Don't forget you have a brother named Andrew Braun and a stepbrother named Andrew Brown and a sister-in-law named Jessica Braun. Damn does our family like to keep things simple! ;)

Alexa said...

this was GREAT! i don't always read those lists all the way through but you had a great flow to yours.

and, i think we have a lot in common.

Erin said...

I love reading people's 100 things lists! Yours is great! :)

And, people who leave anonymous comments are lame!

Andrea said...

So you may have WANTED to go to Madison, but you LOVED the U, right?!

Maxie said...

you need to blog about your double-date catfight!

Anonymous said...

I found you through 20sb and really enjoyed your list! As a badger, it was fun to see a few references to UW :)

L Sass said...

I was bald until age 2 as well!

Anonymous said...

So...I think we might be the same person. Just had to put that out there. It's actually kind of creepy how much on that list would be on my list too!

distant cousin said...

everyone should make list with such abandonment, and then READ ones own list from third party view, would possibly learn much of ones self.

{kay} said...

really interesting stuff! seriously! i just do this too and it seems hard at first but then you get on a roll! i'm slightly OCD too! though i've never been diagnosed...i just now i am...