Wednesday, June 18, 2008

All the randomness fit for print

I normally get all of my genius ideas on the elliptical trainer, probably because it's the only time I can actually focus and clear my brain. The voices in my brain are very high maintenance during the rest of the day.

So because I've been super busy at work again and working later, I haven't had the energy or time to go to the gym and come up with genius ideas to write about, so tonight, this post is stuffed with all the "randomness fit for print!"

Random #1: Am I losing my mind?

I think my brain is starting to short out because lately I've been crazy forgetful about things. Today I totally forgot about a meeting and showed up like 10 minutes late with people asking me what happened. I never forget stuff like that, what is wrong with me? I had the Outlook reminders going and everything.

Recently I've almost nearly burned down my apartment twice by forgetting that the stove is on. I finally remember that my place is running the risk of burning to the ground when the smoke alarm is near going off and my food is no longer edible. Right now I consider myself lucky if I leave the house with my purse, keys, Chicago Card and a full set of clothes on. I actually now keep a small deodorant and toothbrush at my desk because I fear I'll forget it so I'll be covered. 

Maybe it's time for herbs or something to combat this. Or maybe I'm getting dementia a bit early in life. Or maybe my crazy lists are my actual method to avoid madness.

Random #2: The "Pretty Lady" Bus 

Note: this random scene actually happened on a Monday but is being shared with you all on a Wednesday 

Scene: Morning, me waiting for the bus, trying to shake off the already early case of the "Mondays." A short, express bus arrives, half-full, I begin to try and step on the bus when I'm stopped by the driver. Note: comments will be put in italics)

Bus driver: I'm only picking up ladies today, pretty ladies (no one steps on the bus, unsure if he's serious or how to respond)

Me: Are you kidding? 

Bus driver: Nope, pretty ladies only (nods happily and smiles)

Me: How do you define pretty? That's kind of subjective 

Bus driver: (scans the women waiting) Pretty ladies only

Me: You can't do that, this is a public service, my taxes pay for this, I need to go to work

Bus driver: (still scanning the women waiting and begins pointing) You, you, you and you (pointing at me) can board

Me: Woo hoo! This is a great policy!

(Later at another stop and more pretty ladies boarding the bus, a guy jumps on the bus)

Bus driver: I said pretty ladies only! (The man looks rather shocked and refuses to deboard. A stare-off continues)

Me: He's not kidding (the stare-off continues and the guy scans his card, making it clear he's not leaving)

Bus driver: I'm just kidding, it's all good buddy (he's not kidding, we continue to work in awkward silence)

Random #3 Picture time!

In my recent post about why I would not make a good mother, I reference my Yoda Amanda's daughter Ada. Well at Yoda's recent birthday party, I was able to hold this little slobbery angel before she got too fussy and Amanda captured it with her camera. The adorable, precious result is below. 

Should I be worried that her e-mail to our friends with this image was titled, "Jess does have a heart....awe?"


Alexa said...

ha! i have a blog label that is, i do have a heart. yup, just in case anyone forgot!

i'm awesome like that.

Mandy said...

That picture is so precious!! I lauged at the having a heart part. LOL. And the pretty lady bus? What? Only in big cities. LOL.

Ashley D said...

That bus story is too funny. They should run those every day!

barbetti said...

I love the photo! And the bus story cracked me up!

Blaez said...

awe, what a pretty pic!

laughing my ass off right now about the bus driver.

i think your losing your mind/forgetfulness might be a side effect of summer...

Rachel said...

I love how you objected to the policy until you realized you qualified. The best way to top it off would have been to turn around as you got on and yelled "See ya, you ugly bitches!......Close the door! Close the door!"

tiedtogetherwithasmile said...

I love your bus story, being around other people's awkward moments are my favorite.

My rolling hamper has saved my life! I bought mine at Walmart for around $15 and it is sooooo worth it! You'll have to let me know if you get one too.

thegoodnamesaretaken said...

That baby pic is so cute! I'm pretty sure my friends would caption a photo of me with a baby in much the same way.

So crazy about the bus! Good thing you got on at least :)

jesslovesnyc said...

Lol, good thing you're pretty! ;) I love that you were arguing with him and then he let you on anyway. lol

Also, that picture is so sweet!! :)

Marianne said...

Such a sweet picture! Definitely one for the mantle. I can't get over the bus driver! I had a horrific bus incident the other day in London too, must write it up, sadly not nearly as funny as the pretty lady policy!! x M

Erin said...

Random posts are great! Think about all the fun things that happened in just this one little post -- you lost your mind, a bus driver lost his mind and you actually got on the bus with him, plus a cute baby picture. You can't go wrong!

Cass said...

how does this stuff happen to you?!!

lifeintheleftlane said...

I love how the bus driver had a pretty lady policy. Too funny! Sometimes people can be so random.

The baby picture is adorable!

carrie lea said...

That pic is so sweet!

L Sass said...

Awwwww... you do have a heart!

RebeccaC said... glad I take the train to work...way too many people for the drive to incite that policy. Although I might actually get a seat if I qualified. Hmmm.

Ada is so cute when she's happy. Love that pic!

Angela said...

Are bus drivers allowed to do that?? I'm surprised so many women would LET him refuse them get on the bus! (Did that last sentence make sense?)

You're probably just super busy and your mind is on other things--which is why you're being forgetful. Try to calm yourself more often!

redstaplernation said...

Get a gas stove and a cat. The cat will remind you when the stove is on.

what a fat and happy baby! You look very maternal in that picture. Spit rag helps.

Tipp said...

1 I am so with you on the loosing my mind thing

2 That would have been very awkward, but hilarious

3 Yes, you should be worried, but she is adorable

megkathleen said...

You have a heart AND you're pretty. Killer combination.

kay* said...

oh my gosh - that is such a cute picture! too cute for words....and that bus story. freakin' hilarious!

Maxie said...

that bus driver cracks me up! it was probably his last day or something.