Thursday, June 26, 2008

Things that I'm grateful for

So tonight's post might seem kind of random but I've seen other blogs talk about this so I figured it was appropriate for me to do so as well.

I'm not always the nicest, happy-go-lucky person but that doesn't mean I don't know and recognize things that I am grateful for. So I've decided to list them below to prove yet again that I'm not a heartless b*tch - I'm just misunderstood :)

Things this Everyday Adventures girl is grateful for:
  • My friends
  • Parents who love me just as I am (good and bad)
  • A job that I like (the majority of the time)
  • Good health (knock on wood)
  • Full head of hair (even though it has some gray in it)
  • A full, nice set of teeth (yay braces!)
  • Being able to live and dress myself all on my own (most days)
  • Not having a huge student loan to pay off
  • Being able to "afford my life," even though some more money wouldn't hurt
  • My knitting group (I always look forward to 10 minutes of knitting, dinner and then an hour or more of gossip)
  • All ten fingers and toes (even though my center of balance isn't great)
  • Being able to successfully manage my way living in Chicago
  • Public transportation (CTA) even if it's not the most reliable (cabs are so expensive now)
  • Being able to look at life with a glass half-full attitude
  • Finding something new and beautiful every day (I know this sounds sappy but it's true)
  • Being able to laugh at just about anything
  • No credit card debt
  • Being brave enough to leave school in Wisconsin and chase a crazy dream to Minnesota to study
  • My blosse :) because honestly when I started this, I had no idea of anyone would read it but I'm glad you all do
So that's my list of the really important stuff. I opted to leave off some things that aren't as important as this, like clothes, handbags, etc. They're nice, but definitely not as meaningful. And this isn't a "final" list at all, I'm sure more things will be added to it as time goes on.

Anyone care to share what they're grateful for? It can be anything!


Ashley said...

This is great.

How did you find your knitting group?! That sound pretty awesome. :)

You're very lucky that you like your job, I hope you realize! It's quite a privilege...

I'm with you, blogging is so fun.

Jenn said...

I'm grateful for:

Sports bras
Bette Midler
The Internet
Polka dots
The color green

Mandy said...

Great list!

I agree about being thankful for parents who love you the way you are, being able to look at life with a glass half full and blogging!

Rachel said...

What I wish I had;

a full set of teeth (read my next post for that story)

less phone calls from my student loan collectors :(

the guts to take that Target credit card they keep offering me, even though I finally paid off all my debt....

Some how I ended up sadder after this post ;)

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. My mom is a big advocate of writing down x amount of things you're grateful for every day. Of course, I don't do it because I'm stubborn and don't listen to my parents ;)

Today, I'm grateful for:
a family that supports me even when I'm difficult and ungrateful
our dog
the opportunity to volunteer
wireless internet
other bloggers who let me see into their lives and check back on mine

Alexa said...

my mom
my family
my friends
my blosse
black clothes

and... i would kill to not have any credit card debt!

TC said...

What an awesome post! It's very Oprah of you ;)

My list of things I'm grateful for today:

Amazing family and friends
Being able to travel and experience new things
Summers in Chicago
Rooftop Beer Gardens
Good health (for me and my loved ones - knock on wood)
Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee
Making a living doing something I enjoy
Your blog (and look, my first comment!)

Erin said...

I am grateful for:

my husband
my dogs
a job that I love
my house
having enough money to live comfortably
the internet
wireless internet
bloggy friends
my Wii!

L Sass said...

Amen! Today I am grateful for Summer Fridays. Hooray for leaving work at 1:30!

Anonymous said...

I'm grateful for:
my fiance
family and friends
my kitties
a job that I like
and that it's Friday!

Happy weekend!

chickbug said...

i am grateful for:

- finding new blogs! =)
- the health of my family and friends
- summer weekends
- sundresses and flip flops
- the bachelorette...entertaining me through a boring summer tv season.
- nice co-workers
- good hair days
- making enough money to actually save some of it
- my parents

Marianne said...

Brilliant list, and so good that you're able to appreciate these things and be grateful for them: I'm guilty of taking things for granted, must do a list too.

Angela said...

I think it's SO important to have a glass-half-full attitude. SO important!!

Ashley D said...

What I am grateful for today:

Diet Coke
Free Gym
Tennis Shoes
and Sleep

Rachel said...

Just in case you check this, it is now 8:40. I'm at the front bar in a black tank top with short red hair. I'm sitting next to a blonde in an orange shirt.

All else fails, just start crying out...RAAAACHEL WHERE ARE YOU?

EP said...

I love this idea! I also love that you have a knitting group (how the HELL do I find one down here? I want to join!) and used the word blosse. Awesome.

I'm grateful for staying in bed late for no particular reason, rainy Saturdays, lazy weekends, puppy dogs, skirts on days where I don't work, ceilings fans and blogging right now...

Deutlich said...

I am grateful for this trip to Chicago and meeting you. :-D

Anonymous said...

Right now I'm grateful for:
- the amount of sleep I got last night
- not having to work today
- the sun coming out just as my friend's wedding ceremony started
- blister patches
- a boyfriend who can cook
- the prospect of salsa dancing, and then more sleep tonight.

Tipp said...

I am grateful for a steady job in a horrible economy!

LJ said...

Great list I agree with everything on it! Although I have never knitted it is phone to hang out and gossip!
Today I'm most grateful that my car/apartment started since it died in a pizza hut parking lot last night!

Kayleigh said...

Things that you are grateful for: drinking with fellow bloggers. Such a good time!!! I love your random comments and sharp wit. I'm surprised that I didn't pee in my pants a little. OK that just sounds weird. But yes, hanging out shall be had!! FYI I really REALLY do tend to smell unpleasant after the gym. Just sayin'. You might want to stock up on Febreze or something if we're going to hang out on weekdays :)

Dan Mega said...


K said...

where is the chi blogger meetup post with pics grrrr... :) hugs! glad ya had fun.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed

reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Melissa said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I love the list & I'm thankful for many of the same things :)

Mandy said...

Hope you are having a great Thanksgiving Jess! I am grateful for much of the same.