Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Defining my taste in men

I am a total prep at heart. I love JCrew, argyle, bright colors, cardigans and sweater vests. I'm one step away from a polo match and having a friend named "Muffy."

So it is likely no shock that the kind of man I'm attracted to is a preppy, clean-cut, Republican-looking (I said looking) man.

Some co-workers tease me about my taste in men, describing it as "clean." I'm not quite sure what that means but personal hygiene is important to me.

I've mentioned on here that the image of Hugh Jackman shirtless in Australia (mediocre movie) and in a tux at the Oscars made my heart flutter because, well who doesn't like a big, strong man dressed up or with his shirt off?

Good lord look at those arms!

Heart, flutter, flutter

Of my immediate co-workers, I'm the only one who isn't attracted to the rocker types, so hearing about leather vests and rock n' roll doesn't appeal to me. But I nod along when they gush about it, and saying "agree to disagree" when they ask if I think certain men are attractive. I can be supportive, even if I don't play for that team :)

I was attracted to Brandon over Dylan, Dawson over Pacey and find Nathan more attractive than Lucas.

No, I'll take my frat boy, early Abercrombie-looking man any day. I'd rather see a guy fill out a polo shirt rather than a pair of leather pants (unless it's Hugh Jackman) and talk politics and pop culture over a lovely Chardonnay or Savignon.

Yes that might have made me sound a little douche-baggy but I like my clean-cut boys with briefcases and polished look. Sighhhhhhhh. Actually, a guy in a dress shirt and khaki's gets my pulse racing.

But there is one preppy bad-boy that makes my heart swoon, Chuck Bass. It's the best of both worlds, prep glamour (and bold fashion choices) along with bad-boy mystique.

There is something about his bad-boy ways and philandering that I find irresistible. And I don't know why.

Oh Chuck Bass, call me, we'll shop Brooks Brothers before you take advantage of me in your penthouse.

So are you more of a "bad boy" or "All-American" kind of woman? Or guys, are you a Betty or Veronica kind of guy? And feel free to let me know where you fall on the Dylan/Brandon, Nathan/Lucas, Dawson/Pacey scale too.


Angela said...

I like the bad boys. ;) I like a man to look and act like a man. Some muscles, an angular jawline, tattoos, and a "do what I want" attitude. I'm a girl nextdoor, and the bad girl inside of me doesn't get out often enough, lol.

Amber said...

LOVE hugh jackman!!

I prefer preppy boys too and have always been a fan of nathan over lucas!

Andi said...

I go for the cleaner guys too! Love Hugh Jackman!

Moonjava said...

I prefer clean cut men, no long hair or facial hair for that matter! No rocker, bad boy types for me. Someone who smells good (or does not smell) is a requirement! No stinkies unless he's been working out.

Hi! I'm Erin said...

I, too, am a sucker for a guy in dress pants and a dress shirt. And no facial hair. Actually, I'm kind of turned off by chest hair, too.

Jamie said...

I totally agree with you! They can look cute, preppy and "Republican (as you say)," in public, but no one has to know what goes on behind closed doors!

Jules said...

I like the preppy boys, too, but I also like the boys in the band. If a guy can play guitar..... And he has to be tall and thin but muscular! Am I sounding picky?

sara said...

Oh I love the preppy looking guys too, always have! That's why I married one. Of course, just because they look like that doesn't mean that always act like that in private!

Mandy said...

I'm not ashamed to say it, I prefer guys who have a bad boy edge to them. Who aren't quite clean shaven, preppy All-American but arent quite all leather and rock and roll. There's just something about a guy who is slightly bad.

I would choose Dylan over Brandon any day, Pacey over Dawson and I have no idea who the third set is ( I dont watch much tv these days, Gossip Girl?).

Hugh Jackman is just plain gorgeous no matter what type you like. He makes my heart flutter as well.

Meri said...

I used to dig the prepster dudes...but then I married a hippy/intellectual looking fellow, complete with a full beard, long hair, lanky build, and glasses.
I've noticed that now when I find someone attractive they often have either glasses or a beard (not often the long hair though...that's really hit and miss). I'm not so into the bad boys...I like them a little more geeky than anything else.
I do have to say Hugh Jackman is beautiful. And versatile. I like him.

Lucy said...

I'm sure you wrote something very interesting in this post, but I couldn't get past the Hugh Jackman photos to read it. :)


golublog said...

Im the opposite i like them dirty. Like very im too artistic too bathe. I even think justin bobby from the hills is cute. Well discounting his personality of course.

M said...

Wandered over here from Twenty-Something Bloggers...

I truly don't want to derail your post, but I am finding it impossible to comment on the man axes you established. Now, I could look up those pop culture references on Google, but I'm sure you'd see through my fraudulent shenanigans quickly.

I guess I'll just say that within the Black and Latino communities, our signpost men are different...

I'd also like for someone to explain to me how, after nearly a decade of being all about the tall, lanky, goateed or soul-patched brothas with just enough sag in the pants for credibility but not enough for absurdity, I suddenly now seemingly have a insatiable desire for cats in Kangol hats?

Why, oh why?

In terms of personality, I'm all for the man who does the "sit by the door" phenomenon -- masking radical politics beneath a bland-ish fashion sensibility.

Lily said...

PACEY! And while I love Chuck Bass and LOVE LOVE LOVE Nate Archibald... I typically go for the Dan Humphreys of the world...

Caz said...

mmm no I'm a fan of the "bad boys". The ones who look a little rough or scruffy and dissheveled. The ones in leather jackets at rock concerts.
The ones with tough, "working" hands, the artists, the musicians, etc.

But more than that, I love these "bad boys" all dressed up in a fab suit. It makes me melt. mmmm

insomniaclolita said...

We have the same taste in men. I like my men clean, educated, gorgeous, and know how to have fun too. Hahaha. Rockers, ew no, they'll usually get cheap on you. Not cool.

CF said...

I have to put a (second) word in for nerds! Though preppy's always been my default, smart boys are sexy! My bf now is very much anti-preppy (almost artsy, if I dare say so), much more individualistic. Since we met in grad school, it goes without saying that he's a nerd, too. And I just can't get enough of him!

Maki said...

I used to only attracted to bad boys because I'm a good girl - I'm just saying. LOL.

My husband is more like a bad boy/rocker kinda guy who used to be the champ for BMX Jr National and covered with tatoos (His right leg and some parts of his body) and looks like Tommy Lee. Now I think I'm getting old, I like clean/preppy looking boys although it's too late now that I'm married!

I have been trying to change his taste in fashion, but I have not yet to see any good result. BTW, why so many good girls love Chuck Bass?

Mama Bear said...

Oh thank you thank you thank you for the Hugh Jackman.

For me?

Rough guys; hairy (well not like Chewbacca or anything), even facial stubble is delicious, maybe a bit older? ...tattoos...


Wolverine (yes, the character)
Captain Jack (yes, again the character)
Bruce Willis

That sort of idea. ;)

Dylan over Brandon, and I don't know the rest because I haven't seen the shows!

pinkjellybaby said...

Oh yeah, I'd like myself a bit of Hugh! grrr

Maxie said...

i don't know what it is, but I just can't get into hugh. Chuck Bass is a hottie though.

wontletlifedefineme said...

I think I go more for an All-Dutch kind of guy: very tall, not too thin and blue eyes. My boyfriend has all of the above features plus dark unruly curls and I still think he's the hottest man alive after 5 years together. :)

High-heel gal said...

Ohhh, we sooo have the same taste in men! And Chuck Bass...OHHHHhhhhh!!

SoMi's Nilsa said...

I'm with you in every way here. Clean cut over scruff. Brandon over Dylan. Except Jackman. He just doesn't do it for me.

Megan said...

You're right. I did LOVE this post. Anything with Chuck Bass in it. He has my heart forever.Also agree on Hugh Jackman, but I gotta draw the line at Dawson over Pacey. Siiiiiick.

Lil' Woman said...

I'm more of a bad boy kinda gal.. Unfortunately Chuck does nothing for me...sorry :(

EP said...

I'm a BIG fan of Hugh! And I find that I fall in line more with you now. Granted, I went through the starving artist/writer stage, and it didn't turn out well.

When my little sis in the sorority found out about my fraternity boyfriend, she said, "It goes against everything you stand for!" But he was the one who broke me out of that stage, so it's all good.

The Dumbest Smart Girl You Know said...

As for personality types, I definitely go for "bad boys": Pacey, Dylan, McSTEAMY...but they've got to be pretty. No Justin-Bobbies, no gratuitous facial hair, no flannel *shudder.* What a good post, lady!

CC said...

i usually like a random cross between bad boy and prepster. abercrombie models make me gag, but then again, so do biker dudes, or overdone rock star types.

i have to say Pacey over Dawson, Brandon over Dylan, and Lucas over Nathan.

A Girl said...

team Pacey forever! ;)

Lauren said...

It's funny - in real life i've always liked the good guy. They're nicer, obtainable, kind. But in TV/movies? It's ALL about the bad boy! Give me Pacey and Chuck Bass any day!

Maris said...

Dawson over Pacey? Jess, I thought we were friends.

Ashley D said...

I wish I didn't like Chuck Bass, but I really can't help. There is something so irresistible about him!

lifeintheleftlane said...

I've always liked the grungy, (not dirty) artsy guys, and I'm not sure why. Maybe because they were always taller than me when I was younger. I've never liked overly preppy guys - for some reason they just rub me the wrong way.

When T and I first started dating, he was the preppiest guy I ever dated, but he had a grungy edge to him. I like a guy in jeans and t-shirts, polos or button ups are ok too. Khakis are only for work!

I was totally all about Dylan and Pacey. Not quite sure who the 3rd set are - One Tree Hill? If so, I don't like either of them. =)

Kate said...

I LOVE Chuck Bass! Once I get over him looking wayyyyyy too young for me, he makes me swoon. My husband finds this hilarious and disgusting.

I liked Dylan over Brandon (it's still hard for me to believe B did a lot of drugs) and Pacey over Dawson (JJ is especially hot now in Fringe).

I'm not sure why women are so into lead singers. I'll take a drummer over a singer any day. In fact, I married one. And dated several others. :)

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

for heart fluttering i'm down with the bad boys.

but one type will always have me at hello - hippies, outdoorsy hippies.

god i love me some hippies.

A Super Girl said...

So in real life, I'm all about the prepster. I'm dating an accountant who wears button down shirts and slacks every day. And I find it endelessly hot.

But I'm such a sucker for the TV mysterioso.

SarahBeth said...

I used to be SO in love with Pacey! I think it stemmed from having a crush on Joshua Jackson back in his Mighty Ducks phase. However, now I am also loving him on that new show, Fringe.

I have very bizarre taste in men though... my boyfriend is constantly making fun of how I adore Anderson Cooper.

The Modern Gal said...

My common denominator tends to be goofy guys, which I guess usually are more preppy than bad-boy. Give me the Paul Rudds and Justin Timberlakes!

Elle said...

Oh, that Chuck Bass. He's yummy.

jamie said...

Hugh is hot.

I'm much more attracted to the "rugged look like he just stepped out of the woods from a four day camping trip" type...

Katelin said...

i think every guy i've ever liked never fit into a mold really, my taste is all over the place. i just like guys in general, haha. and mmmhugh, i love those pics.

Joy @ Big Time Fancy said...


Also, remember my "I puked on the train and some dude asked me out to dinner" story? You would LOVE him. He lives out of JCrew and Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren.

A Oh Dub said...

Can't say that Chuck Bass does it for me at all (he's prettier and dresses better!) but I was all about Brandon and Dawson. Plus, Dylan is not trustworthy. Love that show.

erin - heart in ireland said...

I am all over the preppy/all American look. A guy in khakis and a white button down shirt... drools. Clean shaven, short hair, smart, glasses - I'm sold.

Totally different than all my friends, which is good so we don't fight over guys!

I much prefer Nathan over Lucas and Dawson over Pacey. There is just something about it.

Kristin said...

As I've left my twenties behind I've become more of an all-american boy lover. That's why I married one. Used to love Big, see the appeal of Aiden now.

Blaez said...

honestly it depends on my mood... sometimes i want clean cut good boy and other times i want a dirty bad boy!

Jenn said...

ooo chuck bass. loveee him. he's definitely not clean-cut (although his fashion sense is fabulous). in general, i like the bad boys more. david beckham. milo ventimiglia. adam levine. yum.

Irish said...

Oh man. You women kill me.

No love for the rough guys who still look damn good, don't smell, have tattoos, and think that Chuck Bass is definitely gay?


iheart-orange said...

I'm really random when it comes to my taste in guys. I never really got into Dawson's Creek or 90210. And I have no clue what show Nathan/Lucas are from. But I definitely prefer Pacey to Dawson. On 90210 I thought David was cute than Dylan or Brandon. How's that for random.

stealthnerd said...

Oh man, Chuck Bass is just totally swoon-worthy. I looooove him!

Cheryl said...

Huh...I would have thought you were all about guys flexing. Interesting ;).

theeclecticconnoisseur said...

Oh, I LOVE Hugh Jackman! I'm not into rocker/artsy guys at all. I like athletic guys. My ideal man: ruggedly good-looking in a preppy outfit. David Beckham in a suit and tie...yum!

Maris said...

"Oh Chuck Bass, call me, we'll shop Brooks Brothers before you take advantage of me in your penthouse."

Best line ever. You should win some kind of blog award for that.

You know what else you should do? Add me to your blogroll :o)

Miss Grace said...

Hugh Jackman is ridiculous hot. I like men who look like they work for a living. Like construction or mechanical something.

sugarmeg said...

Lucas and Pacey are SO hot!
Not sure that I agree that Lucas is the bad boy in your One Tree Hill dichotomy - Nathan is kind of a rebel for most of the series...

Brandon and Dylan were both too old to ever be hot enough for me

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