Thursday, November 20, 2008

More things I'm (not) loving

Last weekend, I did a little window shopping, because I had to get out of my house to have some "alone time." 

In Chicago, going to Target is a luxury for those us without a car, so I basked in the beauty of the red bulls-eye at home and decided it was time to post another edition of...things I'm loving and not loving right now.

Plus, I need some reader help on mascara and hair dryers so help a girl out. I would greatly appreciate it :)

Things I'm loving:
  • Scarves - Now that it's cool out, I am bringing out my insane scarf collection, which covers nearly the entire rainbow (with a focus in blue, no shock). Last weekend, I picked up this scarf in blue karma from Target and it's perfect. I'm sure a few more will join my collection this winter too
  • Bad a** belts - Yet another Target find. I know, it's for teens, but it fits and gives me a sense of danger. It's a nice little statement under your clothes
  • Uggs - My friends tease me about them, but they're perfect for fall and standing outside in the cold for the bus. Plus it's a nice little pop of color. I have them in pink and purple and you can spot me coming in a snow storm. Lead on Uggs!
  • Down vests - Normally I'm not a "vest" girl, but they work with a nice sweater on a non-bone chilling day. Pair this with a cute scarf (see first bullet), the Uggs (previous bullet), jeans and sweater and you're ready to go!
  • Tights - I hate feeling like a smoldering sausage the first time I wear them, but in winter, I love dressing up a skirt with fun tights. The DKNY ink blue ones I got last year are my favorites. I bought some in opaque black and charcoal gray herringbone too
  • Cotton leggings - I know I said on Fabulously Broke in the City that they make me look stumpy, but they're comfortable to wear around the house. And the Hue D'Luxe ones make my butt look ridiculous in them. Junk in the trunk!
  • Mario Badescu Kera moisturizer - My skin in the winter gets crazy dry so I put this on as an overnight moisturizer and it does the trick
  • Arm warmers - It's like leg warmers for your hands and arms! I've seen them on a few blogs but every store in Madison had them. And I have to admit. I want some. Soooo, I dropped more hints to Santa and we'll see if some pop up in my Christmas stocking
  • "Trouble is a Friend" by Lenka - I heard this on Grey's last week and literally dove for the computer to download it. Now it's on the iPod and I am diggin' it bigtime. It's not making me "superstar dance" like Rihanna, but I'm groovin'. I can't embed the video (YouTube won't let me!) but the link takes you to it

Things I'm not loving:
  • Hair dryers - Mine fell apart last Friday (literally) and for the first time in three years, I had to go buy a new one. But because it's been so long, I don't remember what kind I like. I got a Conair ionic dryer, but I'm not sure if I like it. Any tips?
  • Mascara - Oh I do love mascara (it's a must-have), but I'm looking to change up the brand I buy. Normally, I get Maybelline Lash Expansion and now I'm trying Sky-High Curves but I'm still not happy. I'm looking for something that will make my lashes look fuller without getting too clumpy. I'm throwing it out there again, any recommendations?
  • Wool - I'm allergic, so lambswool is totally out. I can tolerate merino wool most of the time but in winter, I'm forced to layer up on cotton or my favorite, cashmere (when I can)
  • Boots - I want to get a pair of riding boots for fall/winter but I can't find any in my price range. Apparently my legs weren't made for boots because I seem to always look like I have cankles. The hunt is on though
Well that's a pretty good list. And fortunately, the things I love outweigh I don't love.

Next week is a short one (yay!) because of the holiday so I need to be super productive this weekend. This includes the bloggy meet up tomorrow night, Sunday brunch, returning a shower head to Home Depot (which I've been meaning to do for a week) and my ultimate favorite, the Michigan Avenue Lights Festival. I'll have pictures Sunday, along with a full recap. 

Oh yeah and there is this movie coming out...I can't remember but I think it's Twilight. Yeah that's it, I guess I'll make time for that too ;)

Anyone else have big weekend plans?


Erin said...

Target has everything that's fab! I also love down vests and tights. As for boots, believe it or not, I have had fabulous luck with boots at Shoe Carnival. I own 4 pairs of comfortable, sexy boots that all cost less than $50...some cost as little as $15.

Weekend plans include the Chicago blogger meetup and I'm going to see Twilight with Rachel. Rock on.

Beave said...

Woo! The Festival of Lights is the best way to bring in the holiday season! I love it!

Erin said...

By the way, I'm the Erin who lurks most of the time.

Weekend plans: Driving to St. Louis to visit family. This will be the first time since moving to Chicago that we've driven there. I'm not looking forward to it.

Your loves/not loves:

I am just starting to get into scarves. However, I'm still not sure what to wear them with. Any suggestions? I just bought an awesome purple one at Target this past weekend.

I'm also on the hunt for riding boots but I have a hard enough time finding boots that fit over my calves let alone boots that fit over both my calves and my pants. Perhaps I need to wear different pants. I guess that's when you need skinny jeans, huh?

As for hair dryers, I've tried an ionic one and didn't really like it. I felt as if it was taking forever to actually dry my hair. I currently use some super-powerful, super-hot Conair non-ionic one.

SBW said...

I stumbled upon your blog and am enjoying it!

I LOVE Uggs. I was so upset that when I ordered mine (in choc brown) last year they were backordered and I hate to wait until the winter season was over before they arrived in the mail.

Hair dryers are tough. What's your budget? I splurged and bought a CHI last year. So far so good. Oh who am I kidding, I barely use the damn thing cause I barely do my hair!

EP said...

I absolutely ADORE Target. Seriously. It's my favorite store, and I don't think I could live in a town without one.

I love scarves, vests and boots for the winter. I bought a hat yesterday -- something out of the ordinary for me -- and I'm loving the winteryness. I'm sure you can find some boots in the price range. It took me a while to find mine, but when I did, I knew it was love...

Angela said...

Why don't you knit a scarf this winter? They're SOOOO easy to make. You'll be done in a day if you get some chunky yarn and big needles!

I'd be pissed if my hair dryer broke. I use mine daily, and have been for about five years!

I'm on the search for a nice pair of riding boots, too. When I went to Paris in the spring, EVERY WOMAN had a pair. Honestly. The BIGGEST trend over there. Since then I've been looking for a nice pair, but haven't seen any yet. I'm hoping to get some over Thanksgiving when I'm at home!

Alexa said...

if you only listen to me one time in your life, listen to me about mascara.

go buy estee lauder, more than mascara in black. you won't be disappointed.

i've literally been wearing it for 14 years. i try others and i always go back to the lauder one.

Coconut said...

I just found an awesome mascara - Urban Decay Big Fatty. You can get it at Sephora. It costs more than drugstore brands, but you won't waste your time buying ones from the drugstore that suck and you end up throwing away or buying a different one.

Paula said...

Weekend plans??? Nothing hugely exciting, I'm gonna get dressed up and go out for a bit tonight but apart from that I'm just planning on being a couch (bed?) potato. Cannot wait!!!

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A Super Girl said...

Excellent purchases!

I'm making my way to Detroit's tree lighting tonight. Always a favorite event. Have fun at yours!

Ann said...

I adore that blue scarf from target, and I also love arm warmers they are so in!

I wore some arm warmers, a cute dress, and my gorgeous diamond necklace my hubby bought me from for my birthday at a nice lunch with my girlfriends last week.

Now I just need to find myself some new cute shoes or boots, instead of the heels I have.

RebeccaC said...

Arm warmers = EASY KNITTING PROJECT. VERY EASY actuall. I've made JiT and I fingerless gloves (basically shorter version with less...arm) in a NIGHT. Two PAIR in a night. Don't wait for santa on these

stealthnerd said...

Ahh, I love me some Target. Oh, and in terms of arm warmers, I happen to know that Converse One Star (at Target) has some. They are cute AND comfy! And affordable too!!

S. said...

Target effing rox! (an exaggeration? I think not.) They have everything!

I would love to offer you some (good) advice on hairdryers and mascara.

But I happen to love Sky High Curves it makes my lashes super long and pretty (stay away from the waterproof one though. clumps. not so pretty)

I fear the day I have to look for a new hairdryer, I've passed by the's daunting.

Happy hunting! I hope you have a great weekend!!

Katelin said...

i love scarves, i can't wait for it to actually cool down a bit here. i'm wearing a sweater today and i'm loving it.

oh, oh and twilight you know, that movie. i'm pretty sure it came out today. and i'm pretty positive i'll be seeing it sometime this weekend :)

Megkathleen said...

I love me some tights too. I have so many different lace tights it's insane. They make for an instant outfit update and with slouchy boots there's nothing better!

Jessica said...

I love your list!

I also love uggs and scarves...yaaaay scarves. My collection is sort of small so I should get on buying some more!

♥ Tiffany ♥ said...

tights are fabulous! also i like any kind of ugg/winter furry boot. i dont care what people think, they are super warm!! also i agree with lenka (just got her album on itunes for 7.99)

Ray said...

I love my Uggs too! And I get made fun of for wearing them ALL the time, but I feel like once you have put them on, you just get it.
Can you give me some tips on the Festival of Lights thingy? I am going this year for the first time and I don't know what to expect or when to go!

Miss Grace said...

I just got some Fiberwig mascara, and it's a little heavy for every day, but it's FANTASTIC going out vamping up mascara.

Nilsa said...

I wish this could be the year of the big spend, because my wardrobe is in sore need of an update. Alas, we're trying to be thrifty ...

Though, we did buy tickets to see Jason Mraz this weekend, which should be fun.

Anonymous said...

Mascara: Loreal Double Extend, kind of a pain in the ass b/c you have to put the white layer on first but it is AHH-MAZING!

jess@thehomebound said...

For starters, we are debating moving to Chicago, but if Target is so hard to get too, I may reconsider.

Second, I found some really cute and super cheap black riding boots at, of all places, JC Penny. I know, weird, but oh so true. Good luck with your search.

jamie said...

I love tights.

And I am going to be in Chicago in approximately 6 hours.

And I left you a little surprise at my blog! xxxo!

Pam said...

That is so true about Target in Chicago. It's nearly impossible to get to one, but once you do, it's the best thing in the whole world. When I go up to the 'burbs next week for Thanksgiving, I am definitely hitting one up. I can't wait.

I'm going to the Festival of Lights for the first time today. I am so excited!

I usually splurge on my mascara, but it's well worth it. The two best are Chanel Inimitable and Dior Show. They are my absolute favorites and I'll bet you would love them.

bodelou said...

i f*ing love my uggs. i have two pairs, and like you, i don't give a damn what anyone says about their overpriced uggliness. they are too warm and comfy for words and they make just about any chicago winter day better!

for boots (not of the UGG variety) check out marshalls or TJMaxx. they have "designer" options usually at half the price.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sister if you go to shop kitson, they have 25% off Frye boots! I was looking at them last night and they have a really cute pair of boots!!! I'm loving my uggs too. They're the best :) Hope you're having a great weekend!!!

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

I love all of your loves, except for the moisturizer and the song, but only because I haven't tried them yet!

As for mascara: I love L'Oreal's FeatherLash. It's won a zillion awards for a reason! I used to buy Bobbi Brown mascara and that stuff is amazing, but the L'Oreal version is just as good and about a zillion dollars cheaper.

Anonymous said...

I love the scarf :)
As for mascara, I recommend Sephora brand curling mascara. I swear by it- no clumps ever. They also have a lengthening one that's just as good.

Sara Jane said...

As far as mascara goes:

Expensive: Dior Show or Benifit Bad Gal Lash (both $25-30)

Middle: MAC Plush lash ($11)

Drug Store: Loreal Voluminous ($7) but I will say when it starts to clump at about day 5, I take a paper towel and wipe off the wand. It makes a huge difference.

Good Luck!

Vanessa said...

I love mascara and have a few favorites. Lancome High Definition, Bad Gal Lash or Too Faced are three choices that have never failed me.

jess@thehomebound said...

Hey chica. I left you something on my blog.

kay* said...

i just did a makeup post too and posted my fave mascara - as well as asked for suggestions since i too wanna switch it up. eager to see what some of your readers suggest.

RecoveringActor said...

I work for a store that sells Benfit Bad Gal Lash, and ours is only $19.50 That's my everyday masacara... I have it in blue. I also wear LashFushion (but that's $39... really nice... but $39) and too faced Pinpoint Lash Injection. All three give nice curve and super length. The trick: wiggle your mascara along the lashline. It will give you more volume. I'm a cosmetics JUNKIE and have access to lots of different mascaras. Some I pay for, some I get free from vendors. Another good one is Smashbox Bionic, although I don't own that one. I have tried it. (sorry this guy is late... I've been busy at work. go figure.)

G+D said...

I love me some scarves when it starts getting chilly--it feel so cozy to bundle up in them!

And my mascara recommendation is Cover Girl Volume Exact--I love it!

Jo said...

I love Clinique High Definition mascara. It rocks! It has a double wand - you can use just one side for day and both sides for extra long night time glam.
Here in Australia where Uggs originated - they are not something people would wear out in public! It's ok to wear them in secret around your house as slippers but that's about it!
Jo x

Kimberlie said...

Hi! I too am on the quest for the most amazing mascara...

I love Maybelline Full and Soft mascara, but I recently purchased a 10 pack of mini-mascaras at Sephora. One is called "Big Fatty Mascara" by Urban Decay - it's fabulous as well!

The Modern Gal said...

You are a gal after my own heart. I love all those things ... leggings, tights, scarves, Uggs. I don't get the Croc trend, but I totally get the Uggs. They're so dang comfy (plus I think they are cute).

I want these riding boots so badly, but they're soooo expensive!!