Thursday, November 6, 2008

Update on my 15 things before 30 list

Shortly after my August birthday, I made a list of 15 things that I wanted to do in the next year, before I turned 30. I called it my "twentysomething bucket list."

It's been about two months since I posted the list, so let's check in with how I'm doing. I could use some help prioritizing things too so please weigh in with what I should focus on next.

(All items that I've completed or have updates on are in bold)

My list:
  • Make some amends with my mom
  • Wear a bikini in public
  • Go out on at least two dates
  • Make out with at least three guys
  • Volunteer - Obama campaign
  • Take at least 2 yoga and Pilates classes each
  • Do something totally selfless
  • Take a disco dancing class
  • Give $100 to charity - see picture below
  • Take cooking lessons
  • Make a gourmet meal for my closest friends
  • Run a 5k - training starts in December, planning to run in the "Race to Wrigley" in April 2009
  • Go to at least 12 new restaurants (no duplicates) - 4 so far (Counter, Mity Nice, Vinci, Wakomono)
  • Read 10 books - 3 completed so far (Nineteen Minutes, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse -in progress)
  • Go skinny dipping
Hmm so the updates for two months in aren't too bad. I do need to pick up my reading and of course the dating/making out items. Those are a continual work in progress, yet more difficult than I anticipated.

For my charitable donation, I picked a cause that is very close to my heart, breast cancer. My mom's mother passed away from breast cancer in the 60s so I always do what I can to support the Susan G. Komen Foundation and celebrate National Breast Cancer Awareness month.

This year, my colleague Leah was one of three staff members participating in the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk in Atlanta, where she walked an amazing 60 miles in three days. Her hard work and dedication prompted me to donate $100 to this worthy cause. Below is a picture of our "check
 presentation." Great job Leah!

Quick notes: volunteering for the Obama campaign was an amazing experience. I learned so much from it and met some amazing people. I went once, thinking I wouldn't go back and I did every week for over five weeks, plus two weekends. I highly recommend volunteering.

Plus, does anyone know where I can take disco lessons in Chicago? I've been looking online but I can't find any! I had no idea it would be this difficult.

Any tips or preferred things that I should focus on during the upcoming winter months?

And seriously, TGIF. I cannot wait for this week to be over and have a nice, relaxing weekend. Any big weekend plans for everyone? 

Next weekend, I'm in Madison for the Badger game, but given our season, we're there more to "have fun," if you know what I mean. 

Any movies you recommend that I should check out?


Maki said...

Now is the time to take cooking lesson, Jess! The Holiday season is almost here -- make us something good!!!

Rachel Burton said...

Great list! I do hot yoga at Yoga in the City at Chicago & Franklin, and I'd highly recommend it (though it's grueling). It's great blog fodder. I've been meaning to get a post up about it sometime...

But disco? I have no idea!

LJ said...

Yah I agree cooking lessons for sure you can do this winter. Also I say you should make out with some guys, that is a great way to waste the winter months!

LJ said...

OHHHHHH Guess what you don't even have to leave your apartment for disco lessons.

Check out this You Tube Video!

Yah I know its not in English....But Just look at those moves plus easy to follow.

EP said...

Looks like you're doing a good job on the 20something bucket list so far! Keep it up!

I need to make one of those for me next year. Just for fun!

Anonymous said...

Did you end up deciding against reading "Eat, Pray, Love"?

I really enjoyed "Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona" but haven't seen a movie since.

I am a Badger fan but not a Bielema fan so I'm calling this year a wash, especially if we get a new coach next year...

Maxie said...

you can knock these things out of the park quite quickly...

run the 5k in your bathing suit and then go skinny dipping right afterwards.

check, check and check.


The last movies I saw were The Express (good, but predictable) and Eagle Eye (loved it!).

Anonymous said...

I think the gourmet meal should come next.
And if you ever feel you need more reading inspiration, just send me an email; I'm used to swapping books-you-have-to-read lists with my friends.

I'm going to a game-party tomorrow, where a whole group of friends is coming together to play board games and eat delicious food, and Sunday I'm going to a dinner another friend is organising. So no cooking or washing up this weekend, I think I've planned it well. ;)

Fermi said...

Reading books is easy and fun!!! The best book I have read lately is City of Thieves by David Benioff. Check it out on Amazon, it has 5 stars from 63 readers and is AMAZING.

I tried reading Eat Pray Love and couldn't finish it.

Secondly: Amends with the mom. I am not sure of everything in this area, but relationships are more about harmony than being right. And most moms like their kids. So this should be easy.

Lily said...

You're going to the MN/WI game?! From a UMN grad - GO GOPHERS! I've been three times in the last few years - jealous! Have fun!

ToughGirl101 said...

You have not worn a bikini in public? Why ever not!?

Jenn said...

Look at you! You're kicking this list's butt! I'm excited about the 5k! ::snif:: They grow up so fast!

Alexa said...

i did i miss take disco dancing classes the first time you posted this list! hilarious.

good job crossing things off!

Kyla Bea said...

Disco lessons? lol That's going to be an interesting one! = )

Good progress!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome that you donated $100 to the 3-day walk. The weather that weekend in Atlanta, especially Friday, was awful. Cold and rainy.

Looks like you've put a pretty big dent in your list so far! Go you!

If you do take disco lessons, will you post a video? It sounds like so much fun!

Preston said...

I love Chicago. I get to go there once a year on business and I think you will be hard pressed to find a place to go skinny dipping! (I accomplished that at 18 but was living in California at the time)
The Chicago restaurants...oh the restaurants! And you should at least try to do item 1. You may be able to even combine it with item 7. :)

Maris said...

Can you count blog-reading as cooking lessons? I'd be happy to dedicate you a personalized tutorial! LOL

LBluca77 said...

Looks like you are doing great so far.

I think for winter you can easily get the reading books, dance lessons, and yoga class taken care of. I wouldn't recommend the wearing a bikini in the winter yet though. You will turn into a Popsicle.

I think I am going to do a list like this for my bday next week to be completed within a year. I need to get started on what I want to accomplish.

Kayleigh said...

Hi love! Love how you're checking in on your list progress. Keep the good stuff coming! I'm impressed at how much you've accomplished 2 months in. And I feel like all of a sudden SO MANY of my friends are running 5ks and such. I am being inspired. I run 5 days a week and I'm getting there.

Katelin said...

seriously that is awesome that you're doing so much on your list already. i really need to do something like that.

and your book choices, what do you think??? i loved 19 minutes, even if was hard to get through. and i'm currently on new moon and basically obsessed, even though the lack of edward is not cool, haha.

as for new movies i hear that the changeling is really good and zack and miri make a porno is hilarious, hopefully i'm seeing one of those this weekend, woo.

Lauren said...

That's really amazing that you donated all of that money. It's really going to help the foundation and you're fabulous for doing it!

Erin said...

I love your list! I think it's awesome that you included things like volunteering and donating to charity!

I had too much weekend last weekend, so my plan is to sit at home, read, and drink hot chocolate!

Angela said...

Um, holy crap! She WALKED 60 miles in three days? WOW. I'd donate, too!

Janelle said...

I envy your dedication. I don't know that I would have the attention span for any, although, 2 of the four books are on my "top picks" list - Nineteen Minutes and Twilight. I just picked up "New Moon" today. "Eclipse" is yet to come. The disco lessons are awesome. No one does that anymore - way to be original. I definitely agree with - wontletlifedefineme - gourmet meal is easily the next, however, Maxie's suggestion ROCKS!

Janelle said...

Oh, hair cut and theater. Weekend plans.

Megkathleen said...

It sounds like you're doing pretty good if you ask me!

You'll love yoga - I just started and I love it.

Mandy said...

LMAO at Maxie's suggestion.

Great job at checking things off the list!

Chickbug is having a book discussion in Dec. could be one more book off your list.

Good luck training for the race. And what a great cause to donate to!

Jessica said...

Get on that making out item! I promise, it's the most fun<3

Anonymous said...

You go girl. Sometimes all it takes is a list to get things going. You've inspired me to make my list :)

Stephanie said...

You're making a ton of progress! Keep it up! :) But who knew that disco lessons would be so difficult to find.

Okay, now on to TV.

The OfficeThis whole Jim/Pam thing is getting old. Although there were some LOL moments, I'm just not feeling this season. Which sucks because I used to be so excited for Thursdays @ 8pm. Sometimes I feel like Rainn is becoming a parody of Dwight. Why are they doing this to me?!

30 RockFunny as always! Liz's hallucination of Oprah was so great, and that kid that they got was too funny. So upbeat for a tween, along with her bff Gayle. I was wishing that the scene with Jenna & Tracy would go longer. Maybe they didn't want to push it?

Overall 30 Rock is topping The Office big time. What have you been thinking? Am I the only one thinking The Office's jokes are getting a little played out?

Sara said...

I've been saying for a year now that I wanted to wear a bikini in public and still haven't done it. I'm going to live vicariously through you!

Anonymous said...

You're doing well!

I agree that the cooking will have to come next
(and bikini and skinny dipping may have to wait until next summer!)

Anonymous said...

not sure about the disco classes, but the old town school of folk music has a TON of dance classes available you should check out.

also, love going to yoga at moksha in lakeview and nature in wicker park. highly recommend.

bianca said...

Taking disco dance classes is the BEST idea ever. I love when they have a disco routine on "So You Think You Can Dance" because it looks like so much fun and I would love to try it. So glad I'm not alone!!!

Let me know if you find a place. Maybe I'll take a class when I come home for Christmas!

lfar said...

Hey sorry to post this here, but I can’t find your email address anywhere. Anyway, all the 20sb featured bloggers now get to display this badge:

Melissa said...

Take a cooking class (I'm biased). The Chopping Block is a ton of fun - I'll go with you! :) Better yet, come over for a glass of wine and I'll give you a lesson in my own kitchen.

Anonymous said...


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