Thursday, May 22, 2008

Movies! Action! Chicago!

This is another reason why I love Chicago in the summer - movie magic! Being a movie buff myself, I can't help but stare as they film movies and TV shows around the city, peeking at the make-up trailers and getting giddy when you see the cameras being set up. It's awesome.

So on this movie-themed post, we'll start with Tyler, my cube-neighbor Laura's boyfriend, who is an up-and-coming actor I can now say I met "back in the day." He came to the office today for a visit while he's in town in the ridiculously cold Midwest and I was more than anxious to meet him. Laura keeps me posted on his acting auditions and gigs, one of which recently included an episode of NCIS. I tease her that if he gets a role on The Office that I'm pretending to be her to go visit the set...but I'm actually not kidding.

Unfortunately, Tyler didn't bring a headshot for me (which I might later sell on eBay when he's in Cannes as a superstar) but I slipped him my card so hopefully it's in the mail once he's back (wink wink.)

So check out the NCIS episode About Face, which I had to link to because sucks and won't let me embed it. FYI there's an ad in the beginning so don't jump away too quickly.

Tyler is in the opening scene and he's the guy in the elevator who is super cocky and doesn't talk first in the scene, he's the "other guy." In real life, he's cute, charming, got a great laugh and he smells awesome. Those are all good things in a boy. My cube-neighbor Laura's got a good one. And seriously, he smells really good. Really good.

As I mentioned before, a movie is being filmed in the city again, and today the trailers were lined up on lower Wacker and along the river. I think it's the Johnny Depp movie, because that's the only one still in the city now, according to the Film Office at least.

But yeah, movie magic in Chicago. Since I've lived here I have been able to see the filming of the Break-Up with Vince Vaughn on the river, Flags of Our Fathers at the Drake (they made it rain on one block!) and Fred Claus again with Vince Vaughn on Michigan Avenue. That one was the coolest because I was on a bus going by as they were preparing to film and he was right there. 

Being a film buff and watching them be filmed is awesome thing I never get tired of. It's another plus of living in the super-cool city, almost makes up for the exorbitant food and gas prices here. Not really.


Anonymous said...

Gosh - Its so true. Chicago is a pretty magical place to live

Stephanie said...

That is so neat!
Too bad my town isn't a huge city. I mean people have heard of it, but its nothing great.
Jaws 2 filmed here in 1978. Whoopty doo.
But, for a connection to The Office BJ Novak once mentioned on his blog that his friend produced a movie that was filmed here called "The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell." Yeah, I haven't heard of it either...

Joy @ Big Time Fancy said...

Man, and who can forget ALL THE BATMAN FILMING from last summer!???

Also, "Wanted" filmed a few bits across the street from my bar - which means I met James McAvoy. Omg pretty.

And that new movie with Christian Bale and Johnny Depp about 1920's gansters filmed at Clark & Sheffield a few weeks ago.

Cass said...

we could see the Batman filming from up here on the 57th floor of the sears tower. They turned the old post office on the river into the Gotham City Bank or something. And there were Gotham police cars and swat vehicles all over the neighborhood. and a burned out helicopter. It was really cool.

Blaez said...

dudes, im jelous. i dont' get to see awesome stuff like that *sniffle*

oooooooh my Johnny Depp.....he is so awesomely amazingly hot. i love him. *sigh* too bad he doesn't know i exist.

Tipp said...

If he gets on The Office, can I come with??

{kay} said...

oh my gosh - if you write a post saying you saw Johnny Depp I think I may faint ;)

LJ said...

Oh My gosh now you really made me miss Chicago! I remember seeing all the movie trailers for The Breakup! It is pretty magical when you driving down the street and see a bunch of snow on one whole block, but it's the middle of summer! Keep us Update with any Depp sightings! :)

Rachel said...

My sister took a picture of Gotham police car while they were filming Batman....and I saw that picture so, yeah I saw movie stuff in Chicago....I feel so lame