Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I hate my closet

This post might be PMS- or exhaustion-driven, but right now I'm hating my closet and everything inside of it. My closet and I are so fighting right now. I hate it's face (figuratively).

I have no logical reason to hate my closet. There is nice stuff in there - some of it with the tags still on - and I have a lot of stuff in there too, which I can't help because I'm a girl. But it seems that as each season changes, I feel like I have nothing to wear. This is all psychosomatic though because I have oodles of things to wear, I just don't want to wear them.

I want to go shopping for new, fun, springy stuff, even though the clothes I bought last year (when I was feeling the same way I am now) are just fine. And yes, I will wear them, but with the constant weather changes right now in Chicago, I don't know what to wear on a daily basis because it's 40 degrees in the morning and then a cool 60 degrees by the time I leave the gym. And the worst part is, I haven't even seen cute things that I would want to add to my closet this year!

For example, as a curvy girl with a full chest, the flouncy, baby-doll tops that are everywhere right now don't work for me. I look 4 months pregnant and my chest looks bigger than normal. Not flattering, primarily because I'm not pregnant and I don't want people asking me if I got implants. And I'm still disappointed that my summertime wardrobe essential from Old Navy sucks in quality this year.

So this weekend, in addition to seeing Sex And The City (YAY!!!), I will venture out and see if maybe a new top or two will suffice this need to have new things. And now that I'm back to hitting the gym 3-4 times a week, the beached whale feeling from overeating at the wedding this weekend will help mentally too. Oh to have a rock to lay on in the sun right now...


Tipp said...

I AM SO EXCITED FOR SATC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I know you look adorable in everything in your closet, but let's face it we are women and all have these days!

Stephanie said...

I go through this at least once a week. But, doesn't that feeling of nothing to wear suck? It makes me want to lock myself in my room, and not come out until I order something cute from The Gap. :)

Babydoll tops are just too hard to wear. I think if you have any hint of a chest, don't even think about it because strangers will think you're pregnant.

I can't wait for the movie either!

Anonymous said...

I am SO with you on the closet issue! I always have to remind myself that I have new tops because I only seem to see the tops I hate when I look inside (I don't know why I don't just throw them out)! AND I have the same problems with the babydoll tops. AND Old Navy sucks this season.

So, yep, I agree with all of it.

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel. I'm working from home right now, and I've decided to stay in my pyjamas, at least till I feel brave enough to deal with my closet. It doesn't help that I went up a size in the last year, but also went broke (study grant ran out). So there's a huge pile of clothes on top of my closet that I don't fit into anymore, and all sorts of bits and pieces from sets in my closet that I now have to make other combinations with. Which doesn't always work. And besides, I always used to shop at Mexx, and they've changed their style so much their clothes just don't look good on me anymore. (oh and I'm pmsing too)


Stephanie said...

Oh gosh, I have this exact same problem. It doesn't matter how much stuff I buy, I still feel like I have nothing to wear, despite the fact that I now have thirteen freaken dresses in my closet now, ack.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I know what you mean. I feel like I wear the same 5 things all the time! But I can't justify spending lots of money on clothes because:
A. I'm trying to save up for the wedding.

B. I want to lose weight and don't want to have to buy more clothes later.

And I HEART the babydoll tops since they don't cling to your stomach. But you can't get the really flowy ones because they do end up making you look preggers - I have a big chest too.

Jenn said...

I will never understand why all of the cute shirts and dresses make me look preggers. Stupid clothes!

Anonymous said...

I'm the same way about my closet. Tons of clothes and nothing to wear. I just want to toss everything out a window.

And I'm so going to see SATC on Saturday night. So excited.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention I know how you feel about the babydoll shirts. I'm just about six feet tall and have DDs... I wear them anyway and everyone else be damned. Plus if you go a size down, it'll come across as more fitted than flowy, and it looks great. Especially since I'm curvy.

L Sass said...

Every Spring, I have to resist the urge to buy just one more cute dress. I always have to remind myself that I'll want NEW CUTE dresses next spring, too!

Angela said...

What about checking out the Goodwill? You might be able to find a steal of a deal there!

Rachel said...

I am in a stand off with my closet right now also. I went on a rocker chick shopping spree during the fall and now I realize that I don't have any "nice" clothes for when I trying to look mature. I decided that I will just let the world think I am immature and in denial about my age.

Anonymous said...

As a skinny girl with A-cups and a slew of push-up bras, I have to tell you that the flouncy babydoll tops make my type look pregnant too. Just a few weeks ago, I was wearing such a top and was mistaken for my 7-months-pregnant sister-in-law at her baby shower.
"You're not carrying a lot of weight with that baby!" said the old lady.

rohit said...

that is soooo cool.

Joy @ Big Time Fancy said...

You know what? I have a personal stylist friend who will help you organize your closet and help you get rid of what you never wear and retool some of what you DO wear. Plus, she's super super adorable and awesome and helpful.

RebeccaC said...

I feel your pain. Since I moved in with JiT and my closet space was cut approximately in half, I decided the best thing to do was purge my closet. I am pretty certain that I over-purged. At this point, I think I wear the same 3 outfits over and over. This has worked out fine since the weather has been in a perpetual state of early-March since....early March....but I have a feeling TOMORROW, when its 80 degrees, I'm going to go into ultimate panic mode and blindly hand over my credit card to the kind Old Navy salesperson only to discover when I get home that adding another 35 ill-fitting tanktops and (another) flouncy hippy dress to the mix didn't help anyone.

tristinstyling said...

I just noticed that someone posted a link to my website in response to this wardrobe dilemma you were having.

As a personal stylist, I would agree with you one the babydoll thing where it can in fact make your bust look bigger than you want it to.

Are you still having this problem (now that it's a year later)? If so, you can submit your dilemma via e-mail through my website and I'll be happy to feature it on my blog.

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