Saturday, May 3, 2008

My official blog disclaimer

I've been blogging now for nearly five months and recently, I've been thinking about taking this down, primarily because it appears as though my good-intentioned blog has greatly upset some people in my personal life.

For those readers who do know me personally, they know that this blog is not a full character representation. On here, I do come across as bitchy and biting and sometimes mean, but in reality, that is not the person I am at all. I like to think of myself as a good person, who is pretty multi-dimensional. Only one or two of these dimensions is shown on here. While I am bitchy and sarcastic, I'm also funny and sensitive (yes that's hard to believe sometimes.) I love my family and my friends and even if I poke fun at or pick on them here, that does not reflect how I feel about all of them as a whole and it is not meant to paint them in a negative light to everyone reading this.

I won't stop writing about things on here just because some people don't like them, but I am having to learn where to exercise tact in my posts. I do have a tendency of over exaggerating and going "too far" on things so at time, I have to take a step back too.

So for all my readers, lurkers, friends, family and co-workers, below is my official blog disclaimer: 

Anything mentioned on my blog, The Everyday Adventures of Me in the City, is purely my point of view and may not be the point of view of those reading this blog or who are mentioned within. If you have a concern or comment about what I write here, you are encouraged to comment in the relevant posts or e-mail me offline to discuss more. This blog is not a full representation of me as a person and is not ill-intentioned or directed harshly at any one person or group in particular.

So in light of this, I'll be retooling a few things that will be appearing on this blog over the next week. The blog will remain actively updated but watch for content changes in the coming weeks.


~Angela~ said...

Well played.

Tipp said...

girl, I totally understand this!

My Mom now begins every conversation with me by saying, "I don't want to read about this on the blog"

I feel ya.

I may have to do this myself!

marge said...

Keep it real.

Erin said...

Very well said.

Kayleigh said...

Agree with everyone here...nicely done!

Anonymous said...

My family just found out about my blog this weekend and I am soooo nervous about them reading it. I had to warn them too that I tend to exaggerate things.

Stephanie said...

Well, I will continue to read whatever you want to share. :)

PS-For some reason my Google reader wasn't updating you, sorry I didn't stop by earlier. :P