Monday, May 5, 2008

Stop talking sh*t about girls who wear glasses

"Guys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses." Whoever said that deserves a slap across the face.

Now I can't say for sure this statement is true, even though during the many years I wore glasses on a daily basis, I did have a few guys tell me that to my face. 

I now wear glasses only at night and on Sundays, thanks to contacts, but that doesn't mean I didn't sympathize with poor Pam from the Office last week. I have "back up glasses" that I'm embarrassed to wear outside of my apartment too. And I'm blind enough without my glasses or contacts that I would have to put my nose to the paper to actually see my hand writing. And forget about operating any kind of machinery. 

No matter how self-conscious I was about my glasses, having someone remind me how unsightly I was in them kills the self-esteem a bit. And sadly, I didn't have a smokin' hot boyfriend like Jim who would still love me even when I had to wear them in public. So this week I'm putting Michael Scott from the Office "on notice" because telling Pam, who was obviously uncomfortable in her glasses, that she looks like an "ugly scientist," and has "given up" on finding love is almost as bad as a guy telling me that my glasses are the one thing keeping me from love. Guess what? I wear contacts now and I am still as clueless as I was before.

To see Pam in glasses check out the deleted scene on Stephanie's blog. It's actually pretty amusing. Maybe I'll have to start working without my glasses and contacts so I don't have to see unpleasant things either.


Working Girl Two said...

haha i had in mind to write a similar post. i have glasses too and i had to wear them to work for a few days last week and i felt like i was getting less and less looks by the day. probably just a mind game, but i'm still way way more into my contacts.

Stephanie said...

Wow, that Stephanie sure does have an amusing blog. :)

By the way, after you said Michael was "on notice", I checked and am happy to see the official on notice board. :P

Blaez said...

hey! thanks. yea. It's very infuriating her hitting me when I was "parked" and trying to say it was my fault. Letting my insurance company deal with that one.

I wear glasses/contacts and I hate wearing glasses because of the "framed vision" and ofcourse I look like a total dorkus.

megkathleen said...

I wear glasses all the time and people have told me they give me a Tina Fey quality, which I Love. Those guys that say that are also probably the same guys that would put down a girl with short hair too. Rat bastards.

Angela said...

I disagree! There are many a man out there who would flirt with a girl in glasses! Especially if the glasses make the girl look like a "sexy librarian" type, lol.

Anonymous Amy said...

it's hard to pull off the 'hot librarian' look; especially when you are stumbling around because glasses make the ground look wavy. having a 'glasses' day usually goes along with unshowered and hung-over for me. not cool.

Blaez said...

nothing from my insurance company yet. i hope that is a good sign.

i wont know about buying the ranger until saturday.