Friday, May 2, 2008

Who's the best big sister? I am!

Not to toot my own horn, but I have compiled a list below of why I am an awesome big sister:
  • I'm tolerant 

  • Our secrets that go in the "vault" stay there

  • I'm patient

  • I tell my brother the truth instead of telling him what he wants to hear

This morning, my brother had a big job interview and I could immediately tell that he was really nervous. 

So, like any good sister, I offered to help him practice his interview skills and take a look at his cover letter, which he had to submit before the interview. Oh boy am I glad I did. My first few cover letters when I was job hunting were awful. I had no idea what to say, how to make it "pop" or really what I was doing. I pretty much just wanted to call the prospective employer and say, "look, I'm awesome, hire me." But sadly that doesn't work, so instead, I whipped his into shape in only two drafts (with an example of mine as a guide) and I spent an hour on the phone with him last night doing practice interviews.

We practiced some of the questions we both thought the interviewer might ask and when my brother was stuck, I used all my PR and communication's skill to help. At the end of our role-playing situation, he said, "wow, thank goodness I'm not paying you to help me. You're really good at this" (I am.) I even got an "over the phone" high-five.

So he was all ready to go and I even got him to admit (with a bit of prompting) that I am the best big sister...for now. I'm sure I'll screw something up next week.


wallfly said...

3 of 5 not bad!

Joy @ Big Time Fancy said...

I can totally pay you to do the same for me with baked goods. :)

Blaez said...

i'm an awesome big sis myself!

or atleast i try to be to the 2 that are under me.... the 4 that are over me (3 boys and 1 other girl) don't seem to be that awesome of big siblings. the oldest girl i havn't seen or spoke to in about 5 years, same with oldest bro only 7 years. the one below him we speak/text on a regular basis and the youngest bro we use to talk all the time til he got married and joined the Guards now we havn't spoke since Christmas and it was atleast 2 years before that.

but those are all stepsiblings except the next to youngest girl under me. she's my half sister. and the youngest stepsis we kinda "grew up together" when our parents got married (my dad her mom), we lived in the same house for about 5 years. we're the closest out of all the above.