Friday, December 21, 2007

Chicago's Next Top Model and the 151

Last night I pilgrimaged to Lincoln Park to see the most beautiful newborn, who is bound to be Chicago's Next Top Model...Miss Ada Quinn, who is 8 lbs of beauty and with a full head of brown hair! Amanda is a rock star, looking totally normal after 5 hours of labor and delivering a child less than 24 hours ago. And the cutest part of all? Ada "hums" when you hold her, apparently it soothes her but it is the cutest thing ever!! And she didn't cry when I held her so maybe babies do like me.

En route to the hospital, Rebecca and I were doomed to ride the slowest 151 in the city...which caused me to have a near emotional snap after it took us an hour from South Water to Diversey/Sheridan. I did say a few expletives near the Wrightwood stop, followed by the phrase "can we go???"

More great news! The Daily Show and Colbert Report return to Comedy Central on January 7, which makes this member of the Colbert Nation beyond happy. Plus, the AP just named Colbert its Person of the Year, which makes me highly anticipate a hilarious "Who's Honoring Me Now" segment!

While doing laundry last night I watched the "Fun Run" episode of The Office, where Michael hits Meredith with his car (which wins my vote for the best season premiere opening yet). I still find the parts about Angela's cat dying hilarious (claw marks on frozen peas!) but it makes me sad that there is nothing but crap TV on anymore because of this strike. My DVR is not happy with its new taping selections either.

Tonight is my platonic girl date with Liz - cannot wait! But first there is laundry and of course, a trip to Nordstroms spa to pick up my rock star Christmas gift for Cathy - OH YEAH! More on that later.

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