Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Post-holiday coma

I cannot believe the holidays are over. It seems like just yesterday that I began daydreaming of purchasing gifts for friends and family...and dreading making my own list, asking myself the eternal question of, "what do I want this year?" Fortunately I was a good girl this year (phew) and I only have one return, which is amazing. I didn't get everything on my list and honestly I wasn't too upset about it. The one thing I was missing was the sequined clutch/makeup bag at Sephora in silver, which fortunately was rectified today at Mayfair.

Then the lure of post-Christmas sales got me and I got an ornament (which I don't need) from Restoration (at 60 percent off though) and a scarf from Gap (fortunately also on sale.) The big coup of the day had to be the new lamp I got from Pottery Barn, originally $119 without the base, marked down to $90 and then to $21.99. I thought I might have been drunk when I saw that so I asked the nice saleslady to confirm, and fortunately, I was not drunk and the price was correct! Unfortunately, there was a chip on the base, which would normally make that lamp dead to me, but whatever alcohol was left in me didn't seem to care. Very exciting! I love Pottery Barn floor models!

Well I'm ready for an afternoon "lay down," which in our house is basically a nap without the actual sleeping part. Then I am off to bond with my future sister-in-law, who will share the same name as me once she marries my brother. It's scary, but just remember, nothing beats the original JB :)

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