Thursday, December 20, 2007

Much excitement in the Windy City

Great news to start off today!

My knitting yoda, Amanda, and her husband Rick, welcomed the newest member to our Chicago knitting family - Ada Quinn - last night at 8:32 p.m., weighting 8 lbs. This knitter is so excited, she could burst! Part of the knitting family will be heading to St. Joe's tonight to visit her and the new mom and dad. Thank goodness I brought the digital camera with me today!

Also - my wine is no longer being held hostage by Bin 36 - dad confirmed that it was delivered last night at 7:30 p.m., outside of the scheduled 2:00-4:00 p.m. delivery time, but hey it's here.

Finally - check out this great article I read over the weekend in the New York Times about department stores overhauling their shopping bags to make them more multifunctional for us city-folks. As a Nordstroms devotee, I do reuse those bags frequently to carry shoes and lunch items. I sadly also save the large J.Crew bags that they give me when I rarely buy a large item from the store to reuse as well. It's definitely true what they say in the article - the bags are an extension of my purse many times. And from the look of the Scoop bag, I might have to save my pennies and get one of those after the New Year.

My vote for the next store bag to be overhauled - the Gap with it's horrible draw-string bag, which makes it awkward to hold with multiple other normal-size bags. Anyone agree or have thoughts to add?

More to share tomorrow about the newest knitting family member!!


Cass said...

can I just be your first commenter? yay!

Bayjb said...

Hey Cass - You are the first commenter, congratulations. Very exciting.

adbraun said...

Never did I ever think someone would be considered a "knitting yoda". Almost Colber Report-ish.

Esther said...

I hate when folks continuously bump me on the train. They know they are doing it and they stand there and 'pretend' nothing is going on - looking straight ahead at nothing while I bruise.

Bayjb said...

That is the worst - when they know they're doing that and don't acknowledge it. I prefer to give them a hard nudge back, just so they know who is boss :)