Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Is this blog on?

Woo hoo! First blog post on my site! This is very exciting for me, if you all can't tell by my insane use already of exclamation points. My journalism teacher would be very disappointed in me. But hey, she gave me an A- in the class so I'll call it even.

I'm in cubicle mode now, slaving away for the man. We'll use the term "cubicle mode" when I'm blogging about things at work. Just an FYI for my readers....of which there are none just yet.

In closing...I'm off to move the needle forward on arranging a meeting in Miami in January, which is now becoming more like February. I hope this is wrapped up soon - my pasty skin is crying already for the Miami winter sun! Then piggybacking off of that, I will likely have more to share tonight once I watch my guilty pleasure - Gossip Girl - and begin the torturous task of beginning to pack for the holidays at home with the family.

Until later....

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