Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pre-Christmas dilemmas

Oh Christmas-time, headaches galore, along with some holiday cheer. Right now UPS is holding wine that I bought and shipped home from Bin 36 hostage - yes hostage. According to this evening, my wine is still "out for delivery," which is impossible because I've never seen UPS work after 5 p.m. We'll have to see what dad says tonight when I call to check-in. Might be time to call and complain to Bin 36, I think I smell a refund on shipping coming...

On a separate note, I had an interesting ride home on the 146 tonight. The very stuffed bus was making its way down Lake Shore when apparently the back bus exit wasn't working. So rather than walk their way up the front of the bus to exit, people started pulling the emergency exit level to pop the back door open and de-bus, leaving our bus to stall while the door had to be manually shut. Imagine having this happen at every stop, because why would it be only one person that pull the emergency lever in a non-emergency situation. This was combined with an older man who was carrying his briefcase and a bag of groceries on his side, allowing his several-pound turkey to continuously collide with my knee. This along with the exit and my unsuccessfully trying to blow my nose, it's a typical trip home on the CTA.

In closing tonight, big blog shout-out to my KMo, whose poor baby toe was inappropriately assulted and pinched by her high heel late this afternoon. We're pulling for your toe KMo, stay strong.

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