Saturday, December 22, 2007

Let the Festivities Begin!

Back in Wisconsin - ready to officially start the holiday fun, which includes fighting, drinking and faux happy togetherness in our household. I'm kidding - about only one of the things that I listed.

Fortunately the train ride into town was pretty easy, I even found a Chicago cab driver who didn't fight me about paying with a credit card! Lucky me.

The weather here is horrible - gray and rainy and dismal, which makes 2 p.m. feel more like 8 p.m. Definitely plan on starting to wrap my gifts and relax tonight. My Ipod is 13 songs fuller and I feel slightly festive.

Well I hear an argument starting downstairs so that's my cue to go, before the yell for my help comes out of dad's mouth.

Until later (likely tomorrow)!

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