Friday, December 28, 2007

Winter Wonderland Redux

So the white Christmas Nat King Cole sang about showed up fashionably late in Wisconsin and the Midwest today, dropping 6 inches near the lake and likely 6 inches in Chicago, which will hopefully make my grand arrival back in the city tomorrow as painless as possible. I was even on co-shoveling duty, which did not feel good for the following reasons: snow was wet and heavy, I have not lifted weights in nearly 2.5 weeks and because my continually sore rib was not feeling like working today.

Fingers crossed that my pilgrimage home to my overly warm apartment will go well!

My cinema marathon also continued today, catching "Charlie Wilson's War" at the IPic theater at Bayshore. WHOA. When paying, I was enraged at $15 for tickets per person ($7.50 for the actual ticket and $7.50 for the VIP services, which include valet parking, popcorn and reserved seats - which is automatically included in your ticket price - no negotiations). But after seeing the very adult and nice surroundings, including an usher escort us to our seats and the shock and awe of actual art on the walls and the ability to not only have a bottle of wine and fresh pizza with your movie...the grumbling was subsided. I doubt I will be returning there, but for a night, I did feel like a VIP....for $15. AMC, you haven't lost me yet!

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