Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's almost here!

Ho, ho, ho! So tomorrow is Christmas Eve and in true family tradition, this year's potent cocktail is one shot of simmering resentment, one shot of anal-retentive holiday planning with a splash of "when can I go back to Chicago?" Seriously though, I'm kidding...partially. I give it until Tuesday evening when the drink will explode.

So the weather here sucks...much like the Packers/Bears game did today too. Nice 40 mph winds mixed with light snow, which makes it snow horizontally, which is always a treat too. So far so good on the homestead. Today, dad and I went to the local gym, where apparently they only hire unhelpful, unmotivated tools? Who knew!? My doctor will not be happy that I engaged in aerobic activity, but between being inactive for two weeks, along with holiday eating, trust me, I'll take my chances. Fortunately, I felt great after - no chest pain, unfortunately, the elliptical machine smacked me around like a red-headed stepchild (actually I'm a brown-haired stepchild).

Back to the gym tomorrow before it's time to get ready for family togetherness and church. I was a good elf and wrapped all my gifts last night - and I have to say - yay to me for the lovely wrapping job. Liz would be so proud of me and my corners!

Happy Holidays everyone, more to come in a day or two, when I'm sure there will be more juiciness to share!

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