Sunday, March 2, 2008

Birthday celebrations - then and now

So last night friends, former colleagues and people I don't know all that well gathered in Lakeview for Ryan's belated birthday celebration.

And this year, rather than dinner out at a restaurant with the inevitable awkwardness about dividing up the bill, my heterosexual life partner decided to serve chili, wine, appetizers and cake at his place and then go out to a neighborhood bar, the Gingerman. Financially, I liked this decision and once we got to his apartment and relaxed with a drink, it was really a nice change of pace.

Sadly, gone are the days of kid parties, goodie bags and oodles of presents, and now, as an adult, you find yourself making a different kind of birthday fun. While sitting at the Gingerman last night, exhausted by midnight, I started comparing birthday celebrations as a bona fide adult with those from college, when things were cheaper and a bit more carefree. I've even compiled a brief comparison of this evolution below:

Birthday parties: College
-- Dorm room paties with as much illegally bought liquor as possible
-- Drinking games, involving a lot of beer spilling on the college-supplied carpet
-- Sharing college drinking stories, starting with, "I was so wasted last night/week, etc."
-- Stumbling to whatever college bar is closest
-- Wearing super tight jeans with high heels and small tops that you know your parents wouldn't approve of
-- Drunkily screaming, "Happy Birthday to me," followed by kisses and squeals of joy from your girlfriends
-- Breakfast the next morning in the college commons, laughing about the previous nights adventures
-- Clean up: sneaking bottles to the recycling bins on the dorm floor

Birthday parties: Present
-- Dinner or a pre-party at home with legally bought wine and spirits
-- Frantic apologies if red wine spills on the carpet or a lack of coaster-use on the coffee table
-- Sharing college drinking stories, starting with, "Remember in college when..."
-- Finding a bar close to the pre-party or dinner site (street parking availability is a bonus)
-- Squeezing in your "skinny jeans" with a "flashy" work top and tennis shoes for comfort
-- Becoming embarrassed and uncomfortable during your rendition of "Happy Birthday," smiling and wondering if you will be able to actually blow out the candles
-- Unable to move in bed the next day until at least noon, promising not to drink as much next year
-- Clean up: sponge, cleaner and multiple trips to the garbage chute

Fortunately, my birthday is less than six months away, so I have plenty of time to stock up on coasters for my place.


Anonymous said...

now is then

Bayjb said...

Thanks for the post, don't totally know what you mean but thanks anyhow!