Saturday, March 8, 2008

If I were only slightly taller

Being 5'3", I firmly believe in the phrase, "good things come in small packages," because I did!

Unfortunately, while this may be the case, the reality is, that being petite has its challenges. You get used to standing on objects to reach things, all of your pants need to be shortened and although some stores are introducing a "petite" line, inevitably it's more expensive and less vast in options.

My recent petite challenge is my closet, where the string that I use to turn the light on/off has snapped, just about an inch from the actual light fixture. Today I spent about an hour mentally concocting ways to try and re-attach the string, which has proven to be more difficult than I thought it would be. I tried using my dining room chair, folding chair and bedroom chair, all in vain to try and re-attach this string. I had no idea that a piece of yarn would mentally beat me, considering I have a B.A. in two fields. So despite my best efforts, I'll have to break down and ask a friend who is at least two inches taller than me to assist in this issue. Very demoralizing.

Also, my back-up plan of climbing on my shelves wasn't going to work because compressed wood is not actually sturdy. So for now, my closet light is not working and the string sits on my buffet table, mocking me. It has won the battle, but not the war!


Jamie Lovely said...

that happened to my ceiling fan. it was quite annoying!

Bayjb said...

It is very annoying. But I would rather ask for help and be slightly inconvenienced rather than fall and break my arm. My pride isn't worth that much.