Thursday, March 20, 2008

Welcome to Pensacola!

Yes, Everyday Adventures is live in Pensacola, Fla. tonight and ready for bed! The cab pick-up at 4:30 a.m. was painful but fortunately the flights down here were painless. At O’Hare, I was sitting far enough forward in the plane that I could see the baggage handlers putting the luggage on the plane. Anxiously waiting for mine, I smiled when I saw her getting ready to be loaded on the conveyor belt, until an angry worker got frustrated with her and slammed her on the belt, cursing and looking at it as though the suitcase had Anthrax. Shocked, I tapped on the window and pointed menacingly at him. That is a TravelPro suitcase jackass, don’t be so mean to it! Just because you hate your job don’t take it out on me!

Then, on my flight from Memphis to Pensacola, which was on a “regional” plane (which means its private jet size), I was LOVING that I sat in the front row, (because there is no “first class”) until Brandi, the flight attendant asked me if I wanted to demonstrate to the other passengers how to use the oxygen mask. Mildly stunned for a second, I said no because I have been fortunate enough not to have to use it just yet. She laughed but later as we descended on Pensacola, we flew right over the water and for a second, I thought I would end up like the survivors on Lost and hopefully would not be recruited to be an Other.

Then, I have been reminded today why I love to drive and why I don’t drive while living in Chicago. Fortunately, I did not run a Stop sign or a red light again, but rather I got ridiculously lost twice because of the Garmin that Budget gave me. I love Garmin but this evil little devil took me so far out of the way to my work function that I was screaming in the car for people to “go, go, go faster!!!” Fortunately, I arrived on time but the Garmin decided that it wasn’t done punishing me yet because after the function I got lost again because of it. Bastard. And it was judging me when I couldn’t make a turn in time because it was “recalculating.” If I would not be charted $499 for damage to it, I would have tossed that Garmin into the ocean. Fortunately, after some angry Twitter-ing, I am preparing to work from the hotel a bit while I mentally prep to return to the Midwest tomorrow, where I hear we’re supposed to get snow. Huh. If I’m trapped in Atlanta, watch on the news for stories about a crazy woman freaking out at the airport there. I might need a stiff drink…before noon!

Attached are some pictures of my hotel room. Ordering dinner tonight was a challenge, considering the hotel doesn’t have room service and no one around here delivers. Bastards. First the Garmin, now room service. Time to pack it in and call it a day. Later y’all!

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