Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Update: Bridesmaid invite done by mass e-mail

In February, I posted that a friend of mine was invited to take part in her close friend's wedding by mass e-mail. The e-mail also informed the five potential bridesmaids that one of them would be selected at a later date to be the maid of honor. Since many of you shared in my horror about this story, I'm pleased to say that I have an update.

My friend informed me tonight that she, unfortunately, did not make the "maid of honor - Survivor" cut. This did not surprise or disappoint her, but apparently the bride-to-be did not get a good reaction from the way she asked these women to be part of her wedding, so she recently made the "I'm sorry I asked you to be in my wedding by mass e-mail" tour around the city to personally ask each of them to take part. Apparently though, for the bridesmaid who was chosen to be the maid of honor, it was too late. She turned the "role" down, and honestly, I don't blame her. So now one of these remaining girls will be asked as a sloppy second.

It appears as though the wedding, which will be held next year, is going with a 50s Hollywood theme, including satin, pearls, French twists and Audrey Hepburn glamour. From the few times I've met this woman, I'm sure there will be a good amount of "50s Hollywood gawdy" that will be thrown in too.

My poor friend also received, with her verbal bridesmaid invite, a list of what she will be required to wear and get for the wedding, including the following:
  • #2 MAC faux eyelashes
  • Her hair in a Breakfast at Tiffany's twist, with bump on the crown of the head
  • A "delicate" pale pink dress that is knee-length and with a huge bow in the back
  • White satin shoes and matching purse

She had more to add but I couldn't write it all down fast enough because I was laughing too hard.

Another portion of this story consisted of the bride-to-be refusing to speak with her divorced parents because they informed her that they cannot pay for part of her "deal" wedding. When they told her that their financial situation didn't allow them to help pay for it, she became enraged with them because "they've had 30 years to save for this." While it doesn't surprise me that she reacted this way, it did irritate me that she was so selfish about this.

Trust me, when you grow up with not a lot of money, you learn not to expect anything and to be grateful for what you are offered. I think the issue really is that she expected them to pay for this and found out that wouldn't be the case. And we all know what happens when you ass-u-me things.

If I get married, I have no expectations that my parents will help pay for it. Of course, if they could offer some help, that would be great, but honestly I won't hold my breath.


ANG* said...

wow this is unbelievable! mass emailing bridesmaid invite!?? i think we all have stories *like* these (bridezilla ones) but this may just take the cake...the cake adorned with fake eyelashes and pink bows...

Cass said...

wait, you forgot the part about how she chose white satin shoes and handbag because then A could frequently and easily use them again! very handy when you have a three month old baby!

r said...

When my wife and I married -- we kept everything simple. No planning and all spontaneous. We were (and still am) busy professionals with crazy schedules. We had a crack in our schedule to do 2 days in Vegas and we did it. Our plan was to attend the grand opening of a new nightclub after we had dinner -- but plans changed.

After dinner, I had 40 bucks in my pocket and thought why not play a little -- and leave when I lost it. Well, as Lady Luck would have it, I kept going for another couple hours and was doing very well.

As the excitement and the constant string of wins occurred -- a large crowd gathered to watch our fun. At one point, people said we should leave -- especially given how well we did. My girlfriend (now wife) said what would we do -- we ended up getting married.

In lieu of a wedding, wedding rings, etc. We decided to take the money we would have blown on all of it and invested in a few properties.

We sent out an announcement of our marriage and we requested that no one send gifts -- but if individuals really wanted to send something -- we asked that they send money to one of our favorite charities.

During the whole process -- it was about me and her. We didn't worry about guests, deal with family drama, worry about who was paying for what, how long it would take to pay off the bar tab, get suckered into buying a diamond because some Europeans used advertising on Americans to inflate prices on the same stones they use for drills.

Again, it was and is about her and me -- everything else would have been and is a distraction.

kay* said...

oh my gosh - i'm horrified...invitation by mass email? white satin shoes and handbags? MAC #2 eyelashes - this is all so....horrific yet slightly funny!