Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My other single-girl kitchen

I am not a cook. My mom is a cook, my stepmom and grandma are cooks too, but not me. I justify this because, well, I'm single. By the time I get home from work I don't want to scour the fridge and come up with something to eat. I want to eat, eat now and then relax. My stepmom and several friends find comfort and relaxation in cooking but personally I do not. I get wound up because I want to impress people and prefer to play the ultimate hostess and ensure a flawless presentation.

Tonight I hosted my 20-something women knitting group (yes we do actually knit) and while playing host, a fellow knitter, who is a wonderful cook and huge foodie, saw my single-girl fridge, which consists of many of the same items: apples, carrots, chicken, eggs, soda (for weekends), cheese sticks and yogurt. Playfully, she teased me about it and it's okay because I'll admit, it is kind of sad. But I'm single. I don't hide that I'm not a cooker but looking at my sad little fridge now, it feels like the bastard stepchild who doesn't get enough attention from it's mama (aka, me.) Then she dove for the freezer and I almost shut the door on her hand.

Honestly, I don't see my fridge growing into recognizing its full potential. Because I'm watching what I eat, I need to be smart about how I use my calories each day, while getting the right nutrients. Yes, it sounds like I'm spewing key messages from my job and maybe I am, but that doesn't mean that there is not some truth to it :)

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