Monday, March 31, 2008

Am I hallucinating? Heidi a "feminist hero?"

I thought that I would have nothing to report on tonight - until I read on Us Weekly's site that someone at the New York Times called Heidi from the Hills a feminist hero. I thought I was drunk or hallucinating when I read that. That has to be a misprint but sadly it's not.

Heidi is many things, such as a poster-child for boob jobs, too much mascara, bee-stung lips and slutty clothing. All of those things come to mind when I think of her. But feminist hero, somehow that seems like a a long shot.

The paper applauds Heidi for kicking Spencer to the curb (of course we know is not true because they're back together) and for climbing to a bigger position at work (which she is absolutely not qualified for and likely got because of the MTV cameras). And for anyone who watches the show regularly, you're not really "moving on" from the guy if you keep talking about him to anyone who will listen. But the real part of the article that caught my eye is that they applauds her for doing all this and "getting herself home on time." Is that something that a 20-something year old woman needs to be commended for? I'm pretty sure anyone who is at least slightly responsible and coherent can handle that.

But this has gotten me to think that I'm a feminist hero too! I mean, according to this article, I've done the following things that they've called out "fake boobs" Montag for achieving: kicked a guy to the curb (yes it's been awhile but I've done it), moved up at work and I get myself home on time every night. Phew, that last one is tough though, trust me. Getting on the CTA bus, scanning my card and watching for my stop while successfully exiting the bus - that is such a challenge day in and out. It's hard to be me - superhero me.


carrie lea said...

Heidi a feminist hero? What is next, Audrina gets into Harvard Law?

Jenn said...

I think that person who called Heidi a feminist hero is smoking something, or was paid a lot of money. It's ridiculous. What has Heidi done that hundreds of other girls haven't?

Cass said...

well, she did make that "awesome" music video...most of us haven't done that... (please note sarcasm and attempts to not barf)

ShoesAPlenty said...

carrie lea, jenn and cass:

You are all evidently jealous of the wonderful and talented Heidi. She is fabulous, successful and famous. She has a hot boyfriend and lives a life of pleasure and beauty.

You should be happy for her, exalt in her beauty and charm. You know you wish you were her and not sitting in a cubicle in cold Chicago.

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