Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm going to be a mama!

Not literally, figuratively. My feelings toward motherhood and my applicable skills for that role are topic for another time.

Yes, next week the stork is coming to see me, the Apple stork :) Oh my heart swells at the thought of my little bundle of joy being delivered to my door, with excellent decoration and my name on it. Sent via UPS with T-L-C. I'm all a flutter trying to Apple-proof my house, getting her resting place all ready, making sure my place is clean and dusted so that I can devote enough time to her when she arrives.

Names have not been decided yet but I am taking suggestions. And while I won't have a proper shower, I am "registered" at, and my new little girl would look beyond precious with the Universal Dock for her first toy, an iPod. Bose speakers or an adorable little case for her first toy would be greatly appreciated, maybe something that starts with "c" and ends in "-oach" or starts with "k" and ends in "-ate spade?"

I'll be sure to post pictures once she arrives, I promised myself that I wouldn't cry! But for now, here's a picture of her in the "Apple hospital." My girl is the one in the front.


Jenn said...

I'm excited for you and a wee bit jealous :)

Jamie Lovely said...

Yay! Such a good move on your part!

Bayjb said...

Thanks ladies. I appreciate your good wishes. I found today that my little stork is en route with my girl to my parent's house. Now I need to hurry up and Mac-proof my house!