Monday, March 3, 2008

Overheard at the gym

So in my first trip back to the gym in a week, I overheard j-u-i-c-y girl talk in the row of locker's next to me.

Before we get going, I'll give you a list of tonight's cast of characters:
-- Judgemental girl: main speaker

-- Passive aggressive girl: offers shallow support and chimes in on occasion

-- "Uh huh" girl: doesn't say anything but "uh huh" to comments to Judgemental girl. She might venture out to say " no way," or "really?" as well

My editorial comments are in bold below.

Women's gym locker room

Judgemental girl's friend (who is not present) is dating a guy that "she really likes" but has some communication issues with. Don't we all! Apparently while "hooking up" this weekend, the guy informed her that he didn't like to or want to wear a condom. This comment chilled the romantic mood between them and they proceeded to argue about why using a condom is important, which he turned into an argument about her "not trusting him." You're right, it is a trust issue, actually it's more of I don't want herpes issue. So Passive aggressive girl and "Uh huh" girl are providing background comments of, "really? no way," and "wow I cannot believe that," as Judgemental girl continues on with her story and I meanwhile slow down in dressing for the gym to listen more.

Now, as Judgemental girl continues her conversation, several more women in the locker room have stopped to listen, under the guise of tying their shoes in a prolonged manner. Judgemental girl continues to say that her friend basically was given the choice of: sex without a condom or no sex at all. I'll give you a guess as to what her choice is....and sadly it was the former. Come on honey, don't give in, it's can't be that good. And now Judgemental girl says her friend did not take a morning-after pill and was not on the pill herself and fears now that she might be pregnant. Awesome and well done at being prepared and strong. With a laugh, I finally finished tying my shoes (after three "unsuccessful" attempts) and headed up to the elliptical trainer.

Some of these girls just crack me up and they reminds me why I would rather go without than with the fear of an unwanted pregnancy.

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Anonymous said...

Babies are a lot of work and this seems to be a recurring theme that I am hearing from girlfriends... if he won't wear a rain coat, kick his butt out. RESPECT hello? Any ever listen to Aretha Franklin?