Thursday, March 6, 2008

Is there something in the water?

So the verbal feedback that I received on the "overheard at the gym" blog post was pretty funny. Those who mentioned it to me said it was hilar-ious and some even asked if I've heard anything else from the gym gossip ladies. Sadly, the answer is no, but I will keep you posted since many of you asked!

Now that I'm back at the gym regularly, I've noticed that a lot of the post-work crowd appear to be in heat. I guess being prompted for a PC Load Letter and arguing with vendors gets them hot and bothered. First it was the conversation I overheard earlier this week and tonight a young couple was cuddling on the weight-training floor (interesting choice to nuzzle) and the girl actually helped her male friend "adjust" himself. In front of everyone. I could not believe it and looked away in horror. Both seemed sheepish about it afterward, which they should, and the girl left but that is an image burned into my head, that I wish, pray will go away. *shudder*

That is my side of the seat
Traveling on the CTA is always challenging in winter with the combination of bags, heavy coat, etc. Recently, I've had a few "encounters" on the bus where people I sit next to exceed their allotted seat space. This irritates me beyond belief because when the bus is packed, especially in the morning, the last thing you want to feel like is a caged, trapped animal between a woman who is "festively plump" and a guy with a ton of bags on his lap, which are now partially in yours.

I even had a man once force me to sit in a small seat with two pillows from Pottery Barn and two bags on my lap so he and his loser friend could talk about the latest Dungeons & Dragons level they reached. Personally, I was amazed these guys knew how to talk to a live woman without offering their credit card to her, but the fact that they have ventured outside of their mother's basement is exciting enough for them. I wouldn't want to them to achieve all of their life goals in one day. That's no fun.

So my note to all CTA riders reading this is: be mindful of the people you're sitting next to. Acknowledging that you might be exceeding your space with a "sorry" or attempt to move your stuff really is appreciated it. We'll get through this...together.


Jenn said...

I feel your pain. I often find myself next to somebody who takes over two seats rather than one. It's like "hey, I'm already pushed up against the window, think you could move your ginormous elbow over a bit? Thanks."

I hate that. I'm trying to read the paper too lady but I'm not all up in your chest! Gah!

Jamie Lovely said...

I hate that! Or when people plop down like their purse and that's all on the seat next to them and there is not any other seats. Hate that too!

Bayjb said...

I have this problem a lot more in the summer, with people actually pushing my elbows back so that they can read the paper while I am squished like a bug.

The worst too is when you approach a seat and motion for the person to move over and they swing their legs out so you can crawl over them?? I hate that too!