Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day, aka Thursday to single people

So I can't be all that bitter and jaded today, even though my head feels like it will actually explode from congestion and I had to sleep on the couch last night because I could barely breathe. Honestly, I really would like to nap at my desk, but I don't think some people would be okay with that. But I'm glad I did come in todaybecause despite feeling crappy, my dad, aka my Valentine, sent flowers to me at work, which match nicely with my Tory Burch pink patent flats. It was sweet, I did appreciate it and I yes, I did gush just a little bit. So now let's move on to things that are much more entertaining.

Oh no you didn't:
I can't acurately say what the best way is to ask someone to be in your wedding, especially because I didn't even make the first cut in my brother's. Fortunately, that has changed. Anyhow, a friend came up to me yesterday and shared something so entertaining that it immediately fell into today's "blog-worthy" file.

My friend, who will remain nameless, received an e-mail from another friend, who recently got engaged. Before this recent e-mail, it was already widely speculated that this friend would be a bridesmaid in the upcoming wedding, but the bride had not yet called or come over to ask her to be a part of her special day. If she did, squealing and joy would commence and they would fawn over bridal magazines together, discussing A-line versus halter and center pieces. Instead, my friend received a mass e-mail from the bride, to her and four other women, announcing that she has found her wedding dress at 50-90 percent off and that she would like these women to accompany her to try the dress because these five women were such a special part of her life.

The next line in the e-mail was of particular interest, "And for that reason........I am officially asking each one of you if you would be bridesmaids in my wedding! I have NOT chosen a maid-of-honor yet, I will decide that soon and let her know....but for now I wanted to ask all of you to be in the wedding!"

My response to this, outside of laughter is, WTF? If I were asked by a close friend of mine to be a bridesmaid and incur this upcoming cost (because this person has very expensive taste) through a mass e-mail I would be insulted, especially if the bride lives in the same city as me (which this one does) and she decided against picking up the phone to call and ask me this, or even stopping over (which is much easier to do if you're unemployed, which is person is.) And the line about not having chosen a maid of honor? WTF again?? Now I'm supposed to be grateful and flattered that you thought of me, but now I get to wait for another e-mail from you to see if I won the wedding lottery? Is this Wedding Survivor? Forget it, I'm voting myself off the island, I'll notify you of my departure through e-mail later today.

I don't deny it, I'm a hugger. I was not raised in a hugging household but I love giving people hugs (even awkward ones sometimes) because it's like a smile, but with someone's arms wrapped around you. I have two friends who don't like hugging, so I have to forceably do it to them sometimes. One obliges but the other is a bit tougher to crack. She did grasp my arm forceably before Christmas to say goodbye before she left town and that was the most affectionate gesture between us that she has initiated. It's a start.

I comment on this topic today because last night, one of my non-hugging friends made a funny comment when we discussed how non-huggers handle strange people touching them (aka at the doctor's office.) During our discussion on the differences between these two things, one of the non-huggers finally commented, "I don't like hugging, but procedural touching is okay."

This brought about a ton of laughter, but I'm glad it's been clarified for us. From now on, I'll dress as a doctor and charge her a $17 hug co-pay. That should count as "procedural touching."

Love all around:
Finally on this Valentine's Day post, I share with you comments from an e-mail I got from local matchmaking service Eight at Eight, in which its "Dating Diva" tells me why it's okay that I'm single today. (Thanks, I'm glad you are validating my choice.)

The e-mail says reminds me that, "being single is a wonderful time to explore who you are. It gives you the opportunity to date lots of people and time to reflect on what you're looking for. " (My parents tell me that too - just before they mention

"May the coming days bring you lots of kisses." (Nice closing, but let's be realistic. Would I need your services if I was expecting kisses coming up?)

Flowers from my Valentine:

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