Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dipping a toe into Chicago's online dating pool

That's right. I've finally put my toe in the shallow end of the pool to test the waters. On Sunday night, after drinking a lot of Chardonnay to drown my sorrows of the Packers/Giants game, I posted an ad on Craigslist. Now this is something my friend Sarah has begged me to do for a while and I figured, why not, especially when she would e-mail me guys posting, looking for true love, and pointing out that I should respond to them.

What I received was overwhelming, over 20 e-mails in an hour of guys e-mailing me telling me that I'm their kind of girl. For someone who has lived in the dating desert, having multiple men clamoring for your attention at once is a lot to take. But, taking a step back, I really read some of the entries and had a good laugh.

For example, read below an e-mail I received tonight from a smitten suitor, "did you know ... there are 20 angels in the earth, 10 are playing, 9 are sleeping, and 1 is reading this sweet messages."

For those who know me, they know that in the correct place and time, cheesy lines like this will actually work! Yes they will! It will make me laugh and win you men an opportunity to buy me a drink, but this...made me throw up a bit in my mouth, before snorting and pressing the "delete" button. I was also shocked to receive multiple e-mails from guys who were "21 going on 27" (that still sounds like jail bait to me) and from many guys who think after reading my posting that "hey girl" in the opening line will work (it won't.)

Unfortunately, some of the more promising possible suitors have withdrawn from the race (apparently my picture wasn't their "cup of tea") but hey no hard feelings, time to try another angle. But thank you to my 20 e-mail senders for the flattering self-esteem boost.

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