Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Speed limits are like food expiration dates - both could be considered to be "guidelines." Tonight on the bus ride home, the bus driver must have been confused because a 50 mph speed limit does not mean you should go 35 mph and then slow down even more as you approach a bump. I appreciate the thought of sparing me that bump in the road, but really, it's okay. I'm tough, go 50 mph.

When I lived in Minnesota, speed limits weren't even considered law or guidelines, it was flat out ignored! My road rage really developed when I lived there for two years and I can guarantee you that any speed limit on the road had another 15 mph added on top of them just to keep with traffic. Even my once aggressive driving has tamed thanks to living in Chicago without a vehicle. I can't even remember how to fully parallel park! That is sad.

While I'm lax on the "guidelines" of speed limits, I'm definitely strict on food expiration dates. Tonight I found a yogurt that expired on January 5 and I was conflicted about what to do, considering Jewel doesn't carry Yoplait Whips anymore. Normally, I would toss it out for fear of food poisoning but I didn't...so maybe I'm not so "expiration date" militant anymore. My parents will be pleased.

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