Monday, January 28, 2008

Self expression

To the best of my knowledge, no one in my family has a tattoo. Or if they do, it's not visible and that's probably the best then that it remains hidden. My late grandfather had an old-school tattoo from his time in the Marines, but he always said he regretted getting it (young and "stupid" mistake).

In college I went with several friends to get "inked." The most painful was watching my floormate Holli get a holly twig with the word "faith" on her ankle. And when that needle went over her ankle bone, I watched her jump literally off the table. My other college friend Maggie got several tattoos, including one in the middle of her back of a butterfly while she lived in France. That was the only tattoo I've seen that made me want to get one and I honestly have no idea why.

The topic of tattoos comes up today because a co-worker of mine got one over the weekend, which is very cute. I applaud those who get one, especially of something they really like, such as pandas (college friend), leopard (another college friend) and lions (college friend for a third time - noticing a trend?) I applause them because I am a proud sissy of needles even though I uesd to have a total of eight earrings in my ears.

It should surprise almost no one then that I don't have a tattoo. Apparently tattoos and my pearl jewelry don't go together. I think the main reason I don't have one is that I honestly don't love something that much to permanently have it on me. I don't have an absolute favorite animal, sports team, saying, symbol, anything! And no, it's not because I'm dead inside. I can't even go with an astrological symbol because I'm on the Leo/Virgo cusp! Come on!

So if I had to get a tattoo, maybe it'll have to be a purse, considering I love them so much. Maybe that's my "thing." Or the Coach "C," although that might be too much.

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