Monday, January 14, 2008

Golden Globes letdown

For all of you who know me pretty well, this is my favorite time of year. Red carpets, winner predictions, glitz and glamour, all from the comfortable spot on my couch in the living room. And this year I was going to be able to enjoy all of that fashion-fun from in HD! But no, along with killing all of my favorite shows, likely for the season, this writer's strike as also harpooned my awards season fun.

The "news conference" last night, which was more like a bad hour-long episode of Access Hollywood, which I also hate, was painful to watch. Personally, Nancy O'Dell's arms were way to tan, compared to her face, and was it just me or is she still nursing? That part was painfully obvious. It was nice to have the show really clip along, allowing for less time for me to be distracted, but in the end, it was all anti climatic.

I was very surprised by Cate Blanchett, Marie Cotillard and Sweeny Todd's wins, especially that last one over Juno. This opens up my Oscar ballot way more than I thought it would. Javier Bardem and Daniel Day Lewis are a definite so at least I'll know those are locked up. Sounds like I'll need to rely more on my Oscar prediction issue of Entertainment Weekly to help me round out the ballot.

In closing - congrats to the Packers, who will now face the Giants next Sunday night. Saturday's game (in a blizzard at Lambeau) was great. Also, I invite everyone to checked out Linkedin, which Sarah referred me to. It's a networking site, sort of like Facebook for professionals. So far it's helped me connect with an old friend from college that I lost touch with so that is worth it!

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