Saturday, January 12, 2008

Nice little drag queen Saturday

So the biggest news of the day is that a Noodles & Company, my Lakeview treat and Wisconsin favorite is opening a downtown location! Yay! And it's at Lake and Michigan so it's not far from work at lunch or for dinner. This is an amazing discovery. No sign yet of when it's opening, but I'll definitely be paying closer attention after work. This is what happens when I take the 135 to work express, I end up missing stuff like this!

Now on to my next addition that I'm trying to curb, Ciao Bella sorbetto, which was featured this year on Oprah's "Favorite Things" bonanza. I purchased the Blood Orange sorbetto for Ryan (a blood orange addict) as a Christmas gift and got him hooked. Then on a fateful trip to Whole Foods in Lakeview, I purchased the Raspberry flavor and now I'm hooked like a meth addict (which I'm actually not). I crave it day and night. Fortunately it's only 100 calories per serving (1/2 cup - 4 servings per container) so I don't feel too guilty eating it and the color is amazing. I'm actually salivating just thinking about it. So no trip to Whole Foods for me this weekend because I need to try and go a week without it...wish me luck.

Liz and I checked out Wilde on Broadway tonight too - an Irish/American "pub" in our Chinese-food dominated neighborhood. Wait for a table wasn't too bad but you could definitely tell the hostess was stressed and had little control over the crowd. Food was good - can't go wrong with the chicken sandwich. I would also like to go back during the day to see it in daytime with better lighting. Definitely recommend it! Plus, we got to see two drag queens come in. Apparently it was RuPaul's birthday so they were ready to party, unfortunately they didn't want to wait at the crowded bar. I did see them later while walking home though so they still had a good night :)
Gotta love this city and neighborhood.

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