Thursday, January 10, 2008

Why the CTA made me nearly an hour late for knitting

Last night I had a sick feeling in my stomach, primarily because I was supposed to be at knitting by about 6 p.m. and ended up showing up around 6:45 p.m. Why did this happen? That would be because of my CTA nightmare, consisting of confusing the 144 and 143 bus and then a 151 driver who decided to "do his job" and be a knob about it. I was supposed to go to Wellington and Broadway, which the 143 would get me close to, but rather, my confused mind got on the 144, which dropped me at Irving Park and Marina (to those who do not live in Chicago, these intersections are NO WHERE near each other and likely 2 miles apart). So I jump on a 146 to Belmont after a brisk 3 block walk south, which gets me closer to knitting and then alas, a 151 is at Belmont and LSD/Sheridan. I frantically wave to the guy to hopefully let me on, saving time, but he denies me, waving me forward to the stop. After serious swearing, I start walking to the stop just south of Belmont, when the bus driver passes me and blows through the stop. KNOB!!! Mental note: always use to check the bus routes before I leave, unless I'm really 100% sure I know the answer.

I'm behind in posting so I might have two entries for today, as I got home late last night from knitting and had to watch the last pre-strike Gossip Girl, which was not as smutty as I hoped it would be, but still delivered for the evening.

I'm also back into watching more of Conan again, now that he's back on without writers because honestly, it's funnier than it was with writers and The Daily Show (now renamed A Daily Show for the interim time) have not been very funny. Sure Jon Stewart's uncomfortable looks and laughs are entertaining, but his comment on Monday about the strike and 9/11 seemed pretty inappropriate. The Colbert Report though...still solid! I would watch that no matter what.

Okay time to check out my Sprint bill, which apparently is $124 with 80-some minutes of overtime use. Oops. Fingers crossed for a printing error!

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