Thursday, January 10, 2008

Killing time while looking busy

So today was a fascinating day on, just thrilling reading of one article after another. It has even lead me to be inspired to get a Sunday Tribune subscription just to enjoy all of the lovely weekly ads from Target, etc. and to sit with it sprawled out on the couch while I dissect it better than the frog in high school.

For any of you who know me, I have one weakness or kyptonite that makes me stop (often multiple times) in my tracks...purses, specifically Coach bags. I don't know why the signature "C's" call for me, but they do and I am weak before them. According to this article in the Times Style section, because of the rise of European visitors to the U.S. because of the weakened dollar, some upscale stores in the U.S. are actually limiting the number of designer handbags (usually Prada, Gucci or Louis Vuitton) they can purchase at one time or within a specific period of time. The most interesting part of the article was that in Europe, Asian customers were at one time banned from LV if they made too many purchases within a short period of time (especially during the luxury boom of the early 2000s) and they were asking Western visitors on the street if they would go in to buy for them! You bet I will, if I get a bag for free :) Especially the LV Monogram Speedy :)

The second, overly appropriate article for me is about bridesmaid dresses. As you all may know, I will now be appearing as a bridesmaid in my baby brother's wedding in May. Seems scarily hard to believe but it's true. I'm actually really looking forward to it and I'm glad to say that it is NOT at all like any of the dresses from the new movie with Katherine Heigl, mine will be a darker version of "Badger red" with nice beading. Time to get my upper body in shape! Anyhow, it seems that "wear again" bridesmaid dresses are the latest trend and I absolutely agree with it. I don't know if I'll wear mine again (unless some teenager asks me to go to prom - hopefully he's over the age of consent) but I could shorten it or wear it while washing the dishes, who knows! Options are the best thing to have.

So I believe my final thought today has to be on my mediocre bus ride into to work today. I'm rocking the whole, "getting up 5 minutes earlier and not getting distracted by TV" thing in the morning, but today a woman got on the 135 at my stop and pushed her way in because it was crowded, which it always is. Anyhow, I was hypnotized en route to work by her Caucasian Jeri Curl hair with faux blonde highlights as she tried to apply her Nars eyeshadow with a brush while the bus is literally boucning around on LSD heading downtown. People who apply makeup on the bus always intrigue me. It's like watching an accident that you can't look away from. And the best part is when the bus bounces or stops suddenly while they're mid-application.

Until tomorrow...which thankfully is Friday!!

Updated: Friday 1/11 - Thanks to Liz who found a slip in my comment about my brother's wedding. I am still a bridesmaid! And she found a typo that this spell-check didn't catch, thanks Liz!

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