Saturday, January 19, 2008

Newsflash: It's cold

It's bitter cold in Chi-town today. But I put on the Land's End "ninja" long underwear under the jeans, strapped on the "Minnesota" Columbia coat and I was off, wrapped up like a mummy. Liz, Anne and I dined at Nordstroms (num!) and took a showing of 27 Dresses (good but somehow missing something - great lines) and now I'm in laundry-mode and rocking the Gap "peppermint" striped pants. Oh it's relaxing time!

In celebration of the cold weather, I've unearthed the Kate Spade "Russian" Maya bag that I bought on impulse last season on 50 percent sale.

After a serious inital case of buyers remorse, its warmed on me, and with the cold weather and being all wrapped up in layers, I feel like Princess Zarina of Russia carrying it. I know that makes me crazy, but seriously the hot pink interior is just a perfect punch of color in Chicago's gray skies :)

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