Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dream man: Must love dead animal

So another article from the New York Times caught my attention today - about dietary differences in relationships.

I find this funny because a few of my friends, including my best guy friend, claim that I have "to high of standards." Excuse me? If asking that a guy has : a good job (that's legal), goals, an education and that he is financially stable constitutes as having "too high of standards," give me a cat and a spinster label right now.

I would not classify myself as a "foodie," primarly because I use a microwave regularly and still consider boxed mac and cheese an okay meal (on occassion.) So to no surprise, I do not have dietary restrictions, such as being a vegetarian or worse, a vegan. A collageue became a vegan for Lent and I was fascinated by her meals and how she survived on a daily basis with these kind of limitations of what she could eat. I love meat and a good, dead animal once in a while. Don't ask me to ever give up my filet at the Palm or Smith & Wollensky's because I won't. And I would date someone who was a vegetarian or gluten-free, as long as they don't judge me for my dietary choices. From what people have told me about relationship, it's all about compromise.

While food may be a perfect way to express to someone how much you love them, perhaps that isn't the "deal breaker" for me. I wouldn't break up with someone specifically because they don't eat bread or meat, although we would have to cook separately and reconnect at the table (or in front of the TV.) I read this article, laughing and judging these men and women for being so picky, but then, upon further reflection, I doubt I would behave differently, although I would like to think that I wouldn't leave someone for this reason. Smoking or multiple tattoos though and I'm out.


R said...

(sigh) another Obama fan....I will say this about the guy -- 1) he can rev up a crowd. 2) He's also great in small groups and one-on-one. 3) His wife can campaign and has way more energy than him -- making her a HUGE asset and 4)the media bows down to him.

Bottom line though -- no tested substance. He had a free ride as a State Rep in Illinois and had an easier time into the US Senate. He was absent for many votes in both legislatures and when he did vote -- voted WAY left even in comparison to what the Kennedy(s) and the Clinton(s) would ever support -- he's actually very far from being a moderate and/or centrist.

Ultimately, the President must have strong advisors on foreign policy, decent knowledge of the military and have a working understanding of international diplomacy to balance everything out. Obama has zero of these and has no foreign policy experts on his team.

The economy is cyclical and is really driven by the people -- if the masses want to over leverage themselves, have little down payment and sign off on goofy ARM loans and/or with floating interest terms -- sooner or later there is a hit (like now). If people are confident -- we'll all spend dough, retailers make money, market goes up.

Additionally, our economy booms when the entrepreneurial spirit thrives and nationalism is strong. If anyone has an influencing hand in influencing the economy -- its the Fed Chairman. People like to say Clinton commanded a great economy -- they forget it was a quiet Republican who served as Fed Chair.

I guess what I'm saying is that as long as the President doesn't say anything off the wall, makes any kind of extreme economic policy shift and is doing well on the polls -- he/she could be Snoopy and the economy will hum.

Long story short -- Go McCain.

I can't get enough of Gibson's lamb chops. A big plate of those bad boys and a heaping pile of garlic mashed potatoes is all I need for good night. Yum.

Gym pet peeves --people who wear shirts with yellow stained underarm areas. People who sweat a ton -- know it, but never wipe off equipment that they've been on. People who slow down on the track to fix their ear phones/ear buds -- causing a major backup of runners. People who workout and run out for a quick smoke before showering (unhealthy).

Regarding your lip balm (and your other skin products) -- I would dump it all and hit L'Occitane -- it's all about their shea butter. It's what I give my colleagues at the office (which makes me a favorite co-worker). Not only is it superior in quality, but the packaging is equally impressive. They have a small mens line which I live by.

Since we're on product lines I will say that my shampoo and conditioner varies. Ever since new security was put in place at the airports -- I have ditched the shampoo and conditioner packing and opted for what hotels have to offer (I call front desk for toothpaste, razors, etc), so I don't even need a plastic ziplock!

I will share though that when it comes to cologne -- I'm all about Jo Malone. I came across the line years ago at a London shop -- I've been hooked ever since. Much has to do with the fact that most men (and women) aren't familiar with the Jo Malone scents -- it's all about being unique and standing out (smelling out). To my knowledge, they only have 2 stores in the US -- NYC and at the Wynn Las Vegas. I'll guarantee you'll be a fan. If you get hooked, you'll smell out also. :-)

Back to Mac (not the make up and not our candidate). I cannot stop talking (writing) about my laptop and how I have been converted. Quicker, easier (user friendly) and a major upgrade for battery time. As a result of my enthusiasm, other "Mac-er" friends have been pushing me to go IPhone. HARDLY, likely.

Yes, I have a Mac laptop and an IPod -- you would think the trend would lead me to the IPhone. It will never happen. Blackberry is industry standard, still has quicker data transfer and greater ability to download docs. If you don't have a blackberry -- get one.

On one of your earlier posts, you mentioned getting on Facebook. You ought to try ASW ( or Decayenne ( -- both great online communities -- small, private and less frills. I'm also a big fan of LinkedIn ( ) great for career/professional development and networking.

Finally, doesn't it bug you that when you drop a blouse off at the dry cleaners and/or a suit -- you'll pay more than a man? That was just a random thought.

Ciao, bella (as he exits stage right).


R said...

One last follow up on your previous blog posting.

Dating. Insurance guy. Restaurant guy. Both no goes.

A successful insurance guy will have a personality and instincts like the insurance industry. You'll keep paying the premiums. He'll keep raising them. When a disaster strikes -- he'll then point out the details and the fine print and say you're not covered.

Restaurant guy -- late and long nights. Tough to match up with someone that does the regular 9-5. You'll want a fun weekend -- weekends are the most lucrative time in the restaurant biz (he'll think work, work, work). Won't work.

My suggestions -- a dry cleaner or a wealthy philanthropist (not to be confused with philanderer).

Bayjb said...

Hey there - L'Occitane, will definitely add it to my list of next lip balms to try. And as a girl, yes that is a nice gift. I also fear I might be one of the gym people you despise, but I try not to embody some of those characteristics all the time. In my divorce-friendly family we have a saying, marry first for money and then for love. Personally, I would never date a philanderer, but I did like your comments about dating an insurance guy. I'll be sure to keep that in mind and refer to paragraph 4, sub-paragraph B, line 15 when we break up as to why I get to keep the jewelry, purses and shoes he gave me.

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