Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Oscars, Google Maps and Reasons not to get married, oh my!

As referenced in a previous post, I was sorely disappointed in the Golden Globes this year. My first award-season with HD and I was denied being able to criticize celebrities. Very disappointing.

But today is not only "hump day," it's when I really started to get excited for the Oscars, because it's only a few days away! People criticize how "self congratulatory" awards are, but for some of us living in the tundra of the Midwest right now, it's an escape to glamorous Hollywood with couture dresses and insane jewelry that we could only hope to wear one day. I like daydreaming that it's me walking down the red carpet, getting mind-numbing questions from Ryan Seacrest and looking altogether fabulous. Jon Stewart is crashing to get ready for the big event, and I am beyond excited that he's back and hosting. Now if only Stephen Colbert would make an carpet perhaps?

Liz, Anne and I have started our Oscar plans, which will no doubt include food, wine, dessert and biting criticism. I cannot wait.

Big Brother on Google Maps?
Today Ryan shared with me a creepy, yet fascinating new feature on Google Maps. If you type in an address, the site now gives you a "street view" option, which provides a literal snapshot of the street, including the buildings, cars and people on them. It's not done in real-time (so far all of the images are in spring/summer) but it's fun to play with. I mapped my apartment and my parents house, which was the creepiest of all. The cars were on the street and the garage door was open. I would have had a stronger, "holy cow!" reaction if one of them was out there when the image was taken. Check it out!

Marriage? Maybe not
So tonight I'm watching "Rich Bride, Poor Bride" on We television and I was actually taken aback at what I saw. First off, this nightmare bride, whose fiance was Asian, decided they wanted an Asian theme for their wedding but just decided to blend Chinese, Japanese cultures, etc. together because why not? Plus she had the "princess mentality," which had to inclue a tiara (gawdy and $550+) and cupcake dress (too puffy.) Then the final nail in the coffin had to be when her outside wedding setting threatened to put the sun in her guests face, so when the wedding planner informed her of this, she said that she "didn't care" and that they would have to "deal with it." Interesting. What's worse is that her husband and mother enable her to be like this, similar to "Supernanny" and "My Super Sweet 16." I shouldn't judge, but their eventual divorce (because that is inevitable) should be rather eventful. I would watch that too, along with the moment that her husband grows a pair of balls and tells her to f*ck off.

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