Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Put your clothes back on

Tasteful photography is very subjective. For years, I thought Helmut Newton's images of women were derogatory and degrading, until I read his obit in the New York Times and someone finally explained his rationale, which made my opinion on his work change (somewhat.) Annie Lebowitz and Mario Testino do amazing work in Vantiy Fair, which is why I have kept a subscription to that magazine for so long, and covet the book "Vanity Fair's Hollywood." This might not be the best example of "iconic images" but recently that word has come up again in relation to Bert Sterns final photoshoot of Marilyn Monroe, which Lindsay Lohan apparently felt the need to "recreate" for the latest issue of New York Magazine.

I am not a huge Marilyn Monroe fan, although I do see the iconic beauty and sex appeal that she may have had during her heyday. While looking at the photographs from the magazine (which are not work-appropriate at all), I was actually almost disgusted at Lohan's embodiment of this sex symbol. First off, photographers should have covered the tramp stamp on Lohan's right rear-cheek. Not classy at all. And looking at these images, it doesn't have the same allure as Marilyn's original photos, especially because of Lindsay's personal lifed drama and Britney-esque attraction from photographers. Personally, New York Magazine could have done better and should have left well enough alone. I don't need to see Lindsay naked and wish now that I missed out on it. But her mother has endorsed it and what a "voice of reason" she is.

Purse update
My Yahoo e-mail notified me today that 1154 Lill has released a new weekender bag, named Paula, which retails for $200. I have not been a fan of recent Lill releases, but there is something cute about this one. Good size and it looks to have good durability, minus the fact that it's still just cloth. With my klutzy skills, I will spill soda or coffee on it and thus have a ruined, $200 bag. Plus, the last time I was in the store for the VIP event, one of the associates asked me honestly how I felt about another bag, which normally would have been my taste. I gave them my honest opinion and they seemed to appreciate it, which I think says a lot of any store who is trying to attract and maintain customers. Now we'll just have to see if I get any more VIP invites based on that comment :)

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