Thursday, February 21, 2008

The songs that you hear in your head

First off, those are not bad things to hear. I have my iPod in my ears most of the time that I'm outside and I feel like I'm living my life to a great soundtrack. With the occasion of breaking out into song and bad dancing.

Because many of my high school and college friends have emerged from the woodwork on Facebook, I am reminded of a topic that was often a popular one amongst my friends in college - theme songs. And not television theme songs, but your own personal theme song that you feel best describes you and your personality. Ideally, it would play whenever you walked into a room to announce your presence (much like on WWE wrestling but smoke and fireworks with that music is optional.)

So what is your personal theme song? Please share the artist's name and song title, but if you're embarrassed, feel free to just put a music genre.

I rotate between two theme songs, "Big Pimpin'" and "Dirt Off Your Shoulder," both by Jay-Z. Maybe it's because I was a gangster rapper in my previous life, pimped out with bling, Cristal and 22's on my car. (Further evidence why I was a gangster rapper in a past life will come another time - sorry KMo.) In fact, one of my secret shames is that whenever I debut the Uggs for the upcoming fall/winter season, I also play a theme song for them, which is "These Boots are Made for Walkin'" by Nancy Sinatra. Can't mess with a classic. Anyhow, I'm anxious to hear your responses.

Talking to yourself is healthy - unless it's in public
I talk to myself - I openly admit it, except I don't do it in public because that makes me look crazy. But in the comfort of my apartment, I will have rhetorical dialogues with myself about anything and everything. Fortunately me and inner monologue me get along, which is important to note! Maybe this is a sign that I need a pet to so that those dialogues are out in the open.

Anyhow, last night on the 146, which I nearly froze waiting for, there was a woman in a monster fur coat and more monsterous fur hat that was apparently arguing with herself on the bus. She was frantically shaking her head and looking angrily at the woman next to her (who she didn't know) and giving her the "stink eye." After doing this for a few minutes, she would give her a half-smile and shake her head, looking still pissed. Part of me wondered what she was arguing with herself about, but if I learned anything from waiting with Emily at the Miami airport security line, don't ask. Just don't.

Final note
Oh yeah! I'm going to see The Police with Elvis Costello in Milwaukee in July. While I don't remember The Police as a full band (in my memory Sting has always been a solo artist) but I do love the song Message in a Bottle and I cannot wait to rock out to that song with my wine cooler along the Lake. Hey it's Wisconsin, a little Bartels & James full of ice and crop tops it totally acceptable there.

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