Monday, February 11, 2008

Gym observations and Reader question

I've been a loyal gym member in Chicago for about 2.5 years and it seems like every time I go, I see something new that intrigues me.

On a daily basis, I see one or more of the following "gym types," which usually cause me some form of amusement:

-- "Cutie" - dresses in matchy, matchy outfits that barely have seen a sweat. Spends more time primping in front of the mirror to make sure her workout waist band lays perfectly over her toned stomach.

-- "Sniffer" - works out 2 times a day, listens to very loud techno music that everyone can hear out of his headphones and who makes a loud "sniffing" noise when he's done with a set or rep

-- "Man Child" - older guy who dresses like he's 20 and says "dude" a lot in his sentences. Usually enjoys bragging about his job and "connections."

-- "Hogger" - hogs multiple machines at the gym at one time and will not let you work in, even though that is simple gym common courtesy

Recently, I've started noticing while changing clothes before and after the gym how many women work out without underwear on. Call me a prude, but ew. I cannot even imagine how uncomfortable that would be, especially running the risk of chaffing while on the elliptical or the track or just how unsanitary it is! And what about your posture while working out on some of the machines? I use a machine that puts my knees at a 90 degree angle, so surely without underwear on, you have more to potentially expose. I do not understand this, but come on ladies, even granny underwear has be a little more comfortable than nothing. And there's no judgment in the ladies locker room, trust me!

Reader question:
While in Miami, some dinner guests and I joked about "signing bonuses," particularly of the extravagant kind. After some thought, we all went around and talked about the kind of extravagant of signing bonus we would like...and honestly, I was not surprised by some of the answers I heard.

My answer: Chanel, quilted bag *sighs dreamily*

What you about you, my blog readers? If you could pick one thing, anything, that would be given to you as a signing bonus at a job, what would it be? I'm curious :)


R said...

Alright, the pressure is on. Since I first posted on your blog regarding your celebrity sighting of Laura Prepon, I've made it a point to circulate your link amongst colleagues at work -- more entertaining than our typical addiction to the DrudgeReport with more endurance than with the recent 50% off all merchandise.

I learned of your blog via delivery of a Google Alert for Laura Prepon. She's a dear friend and because of my involvement with media -- I keep track of my various and interesting friends (you never know when they need friendly advice). She's one of the few up and coming celebs who are true to their art and avoid the craziness of LA. She's a big poker player, a huge UFC fan and very appreciative of her fans. I hope you had a chance to chat with her.

Back to you. I admire the fact that you have kept this blog going on a regular basis with frequent additions. Most people start strong and fade. Many try to be humorous, but eventually go dry. You have proven yourself. And, you have been consistently entertaining with your view of everyday occurrences. Since I have no hope in starting my own blog (although, you have inspired me), I'll just settle with random visits to yours and offer random postings.

With regard to the cheap restaurants sneaking flyers to your home -- embrace them. You never know -- one late evening/early morning after an evening of fun, you may want to order something fast, cheap and easy (please, referring to food) -- the flyers will be handy.:-)

Laptops -- get a Mac. I recently converted to Mac after over a decade of PC usage. I am addicted to my laptop and bberry, so the thought of converting over and having a "learning period" was a scary proposition. Thanks to some of the brilliant gals in the office, I became a Mac Man in less than a day. Everything moves much quicker and because I travel often the battery time is phenomenal.

Signing bonuses -- Hmmmmmmm....after watching Sicko -- possibly a guaranteed lifetime assured health insurance (which also covers any pre-existing condition the insurance companies can make up) policy which is transferable to my next 25 generations.

Nah...that's not an answer you're looking for.....Shaper Image Ionic Breeze Quadra?...I'll have to get back to you on this one.

Fan questions to you -- who do you like for the Presidential elections? What Chicago restaurant is your fav?

Have a great evening. R

Bayjb said...

Wow R, you totally win for the best post so far! No offense to my friend Cassie who was the first one to do so, but you know what I mean.

Appreciate you spreading the word about the blog to friends, always looking to have more people read and comment as this is a continual work in progress. Also appreciate your kind words. I try to blog as I speak, and apparently friends think I'm funny so I'm glad that comes through.

Unfortunately, I did not speak with Laura, who was trying to remain incognito while waiting for her flight. I was a huge fan of hers on that 70s show (being that I'm also from Wisconsin), but if I ever see her again at a random airport, I will definitely say hello.

I'm definitely getting closer to getting my Mac as well. So far everyone has told me to go with it, even my brother, who just bought a VAIO, mentioned that a Mac would have been better.

Finally, for the elections right now, I'm a Obama supporter, however, if he does not get the nomination, I'll have to strongly reconsider which way I want to vote. For restaurants, I don't really have a favorite, I'm still discovering new places in my neighborhood and throughout the city. Unfortunately because I'm cheap, I don't go out to eat very often :)

R said...

Yes, you ALWAYS remember your first post.