Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Welcome to Miami!

I'm blogging live tonight from Miami - yes the Everyday Adventures girl has hit the road! Unfortunately it's for work and not fun, but I might be able to squeak some of the latter in the next few days. With the impending snow storm in Chicago, I was more than anxious to get on the plane and in the air, just so I knew we would get out of town. Fortunately, we did leave, but we were 45 minutes late in departure because of a connection flight from Manchester, England. Apparently 45 people from that connection were also headed to Miami, so our flight had to wait for them to clear security and customs. When we did finally take off, I was getting twitchy from sitting so long.

It's an insanely warm 80 degrees here and so far my body isn't 100 percent sure how to adjust to that. I could really get used to it though. Hoping I'll be able to use the Kate Spade sunglasses tomorrow.

A highlight from today had to be dinner in the hotel's "Le Bar." Lobster quesadillas, which were good but heavy on the peppers and onions. The chipotle sauce was very good, solid kick in the knees good. While the lemonade was disappointing (Minute Maid from the can), the crème brulée for dessert was beyond good. A nice berry assortment on top was the perfect touch. I would definitely have that again. Thank goodness I hit the hotel gym for a bit tonight.

Below is a picture of my room, which took my "turndown service" virginity as well. Too bad that entire experience was almost as bad as a date I went on awhile ago. But the second time is always better.

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